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Issues, Etc.

  • Pirate Christian Radio – The new broadcast network for Issues, Etc.
  • Issues, Etc – Todd and Jeff have their old URL back!
  • Archive – Listen to classic broadcasts of the show that was too hot for KFUO!

Confessional Sites

  • Book of Concord – Book of Concord, great confessions FAQ’s, chat, etc.
  • Project Wittenberg – An “international electronic library of Lutheranism.” Includes selected works of Luther, hymnals, synodical historical documents.
  • Confess and Teach for Unity – Educational resources, email list-servers, ministry support.
  • Confessional Lutherans For Christ’s Commission – Build up Christ’s church by providing education primarily to the laity.
  • Confessional Lutherans – A clearing house of dependable, confessional materials.
  • Congregation Locator – A directory of Evangelical Lutheran liturgical congregations.
  • Sound Witness – Lutheran apologetics, with focus on the false teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pop Evangelicalism, and American culture.
  • Lutheran Mission Alliance – A group of theologically sound, liturgically minded, orthodox Lutherans who want to join together to spread orthodox, liturgical Lutheranism using traditional methods.
  • LCMS Sermons
  • LCMS Issues – A Yahoo discussion group.
  • Edify and Confess – Confessional Lutherans encouraging one another in the faith.
  • Lutheran Pastoral Theology – A Yahoo group for discussing how to apply God’s Word and the Confessions to specific situations in the Church.
  • Pericope.Org – resources for pastors developing their sermons based on the 3- or 1-year readings.

Confessional Groups

  • Confessional Lutheran Education Foundation – supporting higher confessional Lutheran education around the world by providing sound theological materials for pastors and laity in every continent, and assisting church bodies in establishing or strengthening theological education programs for pastors and future pastors.
  • Luther Academy – “Promoting confessional Lutheran theology since 1991.”
  • Northern Illinois Confessional Lutherans – A home for confessional Lutheran study.
  • Texas Confessional Lutherans – “Fostering genuine Lutheran understanding and practice of the Christian faith,” with an active website since 1997.
  • Higher Things – Promoting a Lutheran identity among youth through conferences, retreats, publications, and the internet.
  • Augustana Ministerium – A pastoral association preserving and promoting Lutheran pastors and a distinctively Lutheran ministry of Word and Sacrament.
  • Society of St. Polycarp – A prayer fellowship of Lutheran clergymen and laity.

Lutheran New Media

  • Liturgy Solutions – An online music publisher providing choral music and other resources to nurture and support traditional Lutheran liturgical practice.
  • Table Talk – Lutheran podcasting and skypecasting from Colorado.
  • Radical Grace – Florida-based Lutheran radio show and podcast.
  • Good News for the Diaspora – Parish resources available for download. Includes pastoral care information, Bible studies, bulletin inserts, and more.
  • Life of the World– “Internet for the Christian Family.” A portal provided by Concordia Theological Seminary (Ft. Wayne) which includes daily Scripture and devotions, links to podcasts from Kramer Chapel, and a Bible gateway.

Blogs by Pastors

Blogs by Laity