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The Brothers of John the Steadfast website is run on donations. We’d appreciate our readers donating monthly or yearly a given amount, or even a one-time donation. All donations support our website and various conferences that we offer during the year.

Need to design either a form or a link to paypal with donation options —

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Same as above but let’s try to use standard button:

Suggested option: Donate $25 yearly:

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Donations to help support BJS — 7 Comments

  1. What if I want to be a member of BJS yet support Issues Etc directly and “cut out the middleman” as Wilken suggests in one of his antedotes about LCMS Inc?

  2. Bruce,

    Good question!

    BJS is not a middle man. We encourage people to support Issues directly.

    BJS has been started to help form men’s groups on a local level to increase the awareness of the new Lutheran Media. It is our hope that the presence of a men’s club in a local congregation will introduce men to Issues and our future projects, who otherwise may have never heard of them.

    Support for BJS also helps to support this website, local chapters of men commited to our principles, and our quarterly journal which are projects that go beyond what Issues is able to do.

    In short, BJS is a stand alone group, as is Issues, it is just that BJS has decided to make Issues its primary (and currently its only) project.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

    Pastor Rossow

  3. When you write, “BJS has decided to make Issues its primary (and currently its only) project,” who is the BJS that decides these things? What is the venue in which decisions are made? Who decides who it is that gets to decide? When was this decision made? To whom is whatever group of decision makers there are accountable?
    Pr. W R Steele

  4. Pastor Steele,

    We are currently registered as a non-profit in Illinois. Officially we have three directors but have been making decisions with a group of about 15 steering commitee members. We also have three advisory board members who are privvy to our discussions (via Google-groups).

    We are in the process of converting our steering committee into a board of directors that would include 10 or so directors.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Pastor Rossow

  5. Our “mens club” for studying the Confessions is co-ed, couples & singles.
    I hope your local organization is equally open minded, “lutheran lady”.

    [Money, I’ve observed, is all green in this country
    and equally welcome with a feminine name on the check.] ;\

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