Critical Synodical News — Blue Ribbon Task Force

President Kieschnick has appointed a Blue Ribbon task force to consider reorganizing the synod.

The synod is divided right now for better or for worse. It is not time to propose sweeping changes in synodical structure. These thiings cause stress and disruption even during times of tranquility. None the less, President Kieschnick is pressing on with sweeping proposals to change the  structure of the synod. We have been on top of this story from the very beginning.

Click here  for an excellent review of the proposed structural changes by Rev. Martin Noland.

One of the greatest concerns with the  Blue Ribbon proposals is how they centralize powere and authority in St. Louis. Click here for an excellent review of this concern by Rev. Scott Hojnacki.

Here is another article by Rev. Noland that uncovers the secret history of the Bue Ribbon proposals.

The haphazard manner in which the Blue Ribbon proposlas have been rolled out to the synod has come under great fire. We have covered that angle as well. The restructuring of synod is too important to be handled in such a haphazard way. We are less than 18 months away from the convention at which these proposals will be considered and yet there is still no fixed set of proposals.

We hope you will keep checking this website for updated information on the Blue Ribbon proposals.

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Critical Synodical News — Blue Ribbon Task Force — 3 Comments

  1. Here on my blog at BJS
    I have written a couple of articles on the Blue Ribbon Proposals so far, and I plan to write more after Easter:

    President Kieschnick’s Stimulus Package

    “Tie a Big Blue Ribbon”

    The Blue Ribbon Task Farce Comes to SID


  2. A major change in representation is the proposal of the Blue Ribbon Committee to eliminate “Advisory Delegates” (Principals, Teachers, Seminary Prof’s, etc.) at all conventions. Instead, these previously advisory ‘Commissioned Ministers’, etc., would be eligible to become voting delegates.
    If adopted, picture if you will the first conventions under the new constitution. Most every parish with a school will be sending their principal and a teacher as their lay delegate to district convention, both because they’ve never been eligible before (so it would only be ‘fair’), and because they would have vacation time during summer conventions, and especially for the Synodical Convention. The first Synodical Convention would thus also have many, many principals / teachers as delegates. Thus these conventions would have as delegates a huge percentage of ‘professional church workers’ for delegates. The people in the pews would thus have few delegates and little voice at these conventions. Oddly enough, then also teachers would be staying home from conventions in droves, because they would no longer be able to attend as advisory delegates.
    Again, the rank-and-file Lutheran will have less voice than ever before. Especially when proposals come before conventions for more funding for schools, pensions, benefits, health care, mostly people receiving the benefits, and few who pay for the benefits, will be voting on whether to increase the pay & benefits of these church workers. The temptation to give themselves pay raises, and pass along the bill to the people in the pew, will become great.

  3. News Break – BRTFSSG is having “Regional Gatherings” for voting delegates to the LCMS Convention. “All delegates are EXPECTED to attend this gathering one district office is saysing. Read the paragraph below and compare that with LCMS Bylaw

    We received notification from the Synod Office for Travel and Meeting Planning regarding housing for delegates to attend the Regional Gathering in Madison on January 8 & 9, 2009. All delegates are EXPECTED to attend this gathering. If a delegate cannot attend then he/she should be replaced. The Gathering is for voting delegates—not alternates! Attached is the Registration/Housing form that MUST be filled out by the delegates. It would be best to have the delegates complete the form at your Circuit Forum. You then need to send it to Lori at the District Office POST-MARKED NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2009! Sooner would be better!”

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