Take the Confessions Test, Version 2

The second edition of the Confessions test is below! Try it out and test your knowledge of the Lutheran Confessions!

Thanks to Pastor Stephen Schumacher of Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville IL for writing this quiz!

Now no cheating here .. this is a closed-book test, so don’t open up that browser to bookofconcord.org until either BEFORE or AFTER you have done the quiz!

WE ARE LOOKING for new questions! Please submit your questions here! You don’t have to include the answers, and you will get a better score on the next quiz if we use your question. If you want (tell us in the email) we will also publish your name on the site!

1. The false teachings of what group precipitated the writing of the Formula of Concord?
The Jesuits The Gnesio-Lutherans The Crypto-Calvinists The Zwinglians

2. Luther’s harshest criticisms of the papacy occur in the Treatise on the Power and the Primacy of the Pope.
True False

3. The Confessions clearly list Baptism and the Sacrament of the Altar as our only Sacraments
True False

4. Where does the Large Catechism place Confession?
Between baptism and the Sacrament of the Altar At the end of the Sacrament of the Altar Before Baptism, after the Lord’s Prayer It does not take up Confession just as the Small Catechism did not originally take up Confession

5. The Formula of Concord takes up the controversy over the Lord’s Supper before Person of Christ.
True False

6. The Confessions do explicitly reject Transubstantiation.
False True

7. The Augsburg Confession has two distinct sections
False True

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Take the Confessions Test, Version 2 — 4 Comments

  1. I got 4, but it should have been 5. I saw “transubstantiation” and clicked FALSE before the whole sentence sank in! Oh, well. I had to guess on others anyway. That means I need to do some reading!!

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