Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals, by Pastor Tim Rossow

A series on Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals written by Pastor Tim Rossow is listed below:

  • Part 1 – The Introduction to the Report: Religion and Cultural Pluralist Consultant is the Guiding Force Behind the Blue Ribbon Proposals
  • Part 2 – The Concluding Quote: Blue Ribbon Task Force Gets Walther all Wrong in their Report, They Misunderstand His Teaching on Salvation
  • Part 3 – Recommendation #1: Manipulation and Deception by the Task Force
  • Part 4 – Recommendation #1: Amending the LCMS Constitution, Preamble, Article II, III, VI and VII
  • Part 5 – Recommendation #2: The Proposals do not Clarify the Congregational Principle
  • Part 6 – Recommendation #3: The Task Force Claims that it is Crucial for the Synod to Restore the Effectiveness of Circuits – Do the Proposals do That?
  • Part 7 – Recommendation #4: Why Go to the District to get Lousy Programs when the Synod is Capable Enough of Turning out Lousy Programs?
  • Part 8 – Recommendation #5: The Liberal Bias of the Task Force – Pitting Laity against the Clergy
  • Part 9 – Recommendation #6: Proof of the Great Deception by the Blue Ribbon Committee
  • Part 10 – Recommendation #7: To What Extent does your Congregation Actually Need and Use District and Synod?

For the final BRTFSG report without the appendices click here. For the final report with the appendices click here.