• Nice Guys Ruin the Consolation of Christ’s Blood
    In Scripture and the Lutheran confessions, Christ works the atonement in his life of active obedience (Matthew 3:15), his passive obedience of humbling himself to death on the cross (Philippians 2:8), and in his rising for the justification of the whole world. “God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, … Read more
  • What Are You Taught About Redemption?
    Summary This article briefly sketches the orthodox Christian doctrine of Christ’s redemption by vicarious satisfaction; briefly sketches heretical denial of vicarious satisfaction by popular Lutheran theologians; and exhibits how the Lutheran church has taught the truth of vicarious satisfaction across synods and centuries in North America in explanations of Luther’s Small Catechism. With interesting variations … Read more
  • Luther on Monastic Vows
    “There is no doubt that the monastic vow is in itself a most dangerous thing because it is without the authority and example of Scripture.  Neither the early church nor the New Testament knows anything at all of the taking of this kind of vow, much less do they approve of a lifelong vow of very … Read more
  • Who Causes Division and Offense?
    The world has its ideas of what “divisive” means. It assigns blame for “divisiveness” based on its ideas. The preface to the Book of Concord identifies corrupting the purity of the heavenly doctrine as the cause of division. Satan scattered the seeds of false doctrine and dissensions in the churches and schools [Matthew 13:24-40]. He … Read more
  • Texans and secession… Concordia, Texas that is.
    The following is from a June 6th memo from the "President & CEO" of Concordia University, Texas – Dr. Donald Christian sent to friends and constituents of Concordia Texas with a subject of "Board of Regents Governance Conversation" Over the past several months, the Concordia University Texas Board of Regents has been engaged in a deliberate conversation … Read more
  • Reconciliation and Justification by Theodore Dierks: Review
    Outline CitationEvaluationThe Atonement in Lutheran TheologyPlan of the BookThe ProblemTeaching of Christ and the ApostlesTeaching of the Postapostolic Fathers Citation Dierks, Theodore. Reconciliation and Justification. St Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1938. Evaluation Dierks’ work in Part I, pp. 15-64, on the teaching of Christ and the Apostles about atonement, justification, and reconciliation could free-stand as … Read more
  • President Harrison faithfully addresses CUW Regents
    I received this with encouragement to share it. It is a very churchly letter that addresses many of the concerns expressed across Synod about the situation at CUW. May 9 Letter to Regents
  • Update on CUW – Synod Visitation coming
    There's been a lot of things coming out about CUW. The best news is that Synod President Matthew Harrison has announced that next week a visitation will take place at CUW involving a special visitation team. That is something worth thanking President Harrison for. The announcement in the Reporter Online Here's the announcement of the … Read more
  • New BookofConcord.org site up and running.
    A few weeks ago we announced that Steadfast Lutherans had been asked to take over management of bookofconcord.org. At that time we had to revert the site back to a throwback version. After some weeks of labor, the site is back up to a new, updated version. Go and check it out. This first edition … Read more
  • Lent Devotion Podcast Ready to go for Ash Wednesday
    Our devotions start up tomorrow and as usual thanks to the talent of Rev. Paul Cain, we have a podcast also available of the devotions. Lent 2022 Devotional Podcast