• A new site, and a jubilee on comments
    The look around here has been freshened up a lot. Since 2018 we have been running on technological fumes just trying to keep the place going. It seems like we have caught a breath of fresh air and updated the site. We will hopefully continue to roll out new features in the months to come, … Read more
  • Baptism: Still More Common Questions Answered, Part 3
    Introduction In Part 1 , we introduced a set of sermons by Martin Luther that answer many common questions about Baptism that are both classic and contemporary. The classic questions asked in his day continue to be asked in ours. His sermons speak for today . To bring Luther’s help to our day and to English … Read more
  • Christianity in Space
    Goofy title aside, this is actually a question for serious consideration.  Namely the question of what should the shape of Christian piety take as humans begin to step out into the broader universe that our Lord has made for us.  There will come a time when the vast majority of mankind will make its home … Read more
  • The Third Sunday after Epiphany – “The Vengeance of God”
    The Third Sunday after Epiphany   January 27, 2019   “The Vengeance of God”   Romans 12:16-21   Click here to listen to audio of this sermon.   Be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your … Read more
  • Preserving Walther’s Hymnal
    When I was a second year seminarian in the spring of 2006, my friend and fellow seminarian Mark Preus gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  It was a copy of the Kirchengesangbuch für Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinden (Church Hymnal for Evangelical Lutheran Congregations).  Commonly known in our day as “Walther’s Hymnal”, it … Read more
  • Gospel Determinism: A Preview
    Gospel determinism has two elements. 1.  We know the Gospel. 2.  Gospel determines everything. The elements are simple. Together they are total. The Gospel rules all. The elements spawn their implications in two rounds. The first round is their implications about Scripture. The second is their implications for a host of doctrines and practices. In … Read more
  • A Laymen’s Commentary on the Smalcald Articles: How One is Justified before God and Does Good Works
    Part III, Article XIII. How One is Justified before God, and of Good Works. 1] What I have hitherto and constantly taught concerning this I know not how to change in the least, namely, that by faith, as St. Peter says, we acquire a new and clean heart, and God will and does account us … Read more
  • Review — Lutheran Service Book: Companion to the Hymns
    Note: The following review is by Cory Westby, whose bio appears below the review. I have anxiously awaited the release of this hymnal companion, Lutheran Service Book: Companion to the Hymns. Now that it is in my hands, I can say that the wait was well worth it. And so is the price. This is easily one … Read more
  • Concordia’s Diversity Resource Guide
    Concordia University Wisconsin (and now Ann Arbor) has a Diversity Resource Guide, where students and faculty are encouraged to learn about diversity, as though we aren't constantly beaten over the head with that kind of thing from infancy through 12th Grade. You can find that page here. I don't intend to critique much of the … Read more
  • Lent 2020 – Created to be Redeemed and Sanctified – Service Plan
    This year, continuing our effort to bring the catechism part by part to Confessional Lutherans and their congregations we are going to be focusing on the Apostles' Creed.  Borrowing the language from the Large Catechism we are using the theme of "Created to be Redeemed and Sanctified".  Authors are working on a devotion which will … Read more