Book Review: Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor

TEN WAYS TO KILL A PASTOR By Reverend Christopher I. Thoma 102 pp. Grail Quest Books. Available from Rev. Chris Thoma’s book, Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor, contains a series of bleak sketches that chronicle unspeakable cruelty in … Continue reading

Aging Misnomer: “The Church’s Self Identity”

This very question is crucial for the church upon which to ponder. To use the phrase “the church’s self identity” is in itself a misnomer. The church does have an identity, but it is not an identity of itself. Its … Continue reading

What’s With All The Singing?

As Advent is nigh and the Christmas Season right around the corner (at least in the church). We are bombasted in the stores by Holiday and Christmas music. With all of this music floating around, we get to gather one … Continue reading

They Certainly are Good People! Right?

“There is good in everyone,” is one of the most common objections voiced against the Gospel that I hear. Closely following that objection is usually this rational,  “People are naturally inclined to be good, and the church just tells everyone … Continue reading

Where Are You Going?

There is an old saying that goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The one who came up with that was never hit with a dictionary. James reminds us of one small organ … Continue reading

Can There Be Peace in the Summertime?

“They look so peaceful sleeping. Don’t they?” I remember speaking these words to my wife about our children. After praying, we lay them down to sleep and they sure look peaceful. It almost makes you forget the rest of the … Continue reading

Unchanging Words

As the leaves are changing and falling from the trees, as the world around us changes more and more every day, I am reminded of the things that never change. God’s Word is everlasting and unchanging; and it is from … Continue reading

Steadfast in the Sticks — Feed My Sheep

“Feed my sheep.” These are words that Jesus speaks to Peter in the 21st chapter of John’s Gospel. These words were read to me as I was consecrated into the Office of the Holy Ministry, and these words have deep … Continue reading