Great Stuff Found on the Web — Fixing CRM

Another great post over on Musings of a Country Preacher by Pastor Lincoln Winter:   Overture 7-17, “To Provide Process for Placement of Candidates” is an attempt to fix a long-standing, and increasing, problem: Men who serve faithfully are removed … Continue reading

Christian-craft: Godly Prayer or Satanic Art?

You wouldn’t think Satan would be able to use something as godly as prayer for his demonic purposes.  When he can’t stop us from praying altogether, he shifts his attention to making sure our prayers aren’t godly.  He would have … Continue reading

The Fetus and the Incarnation: Martin Chemnitz

The horrors committed by Kermit Gosnell have been largely ignored by mainstream media, but his killings of children are only a small portion of the unborn sacrificed in this country every day. Millions of children are murdered because their parents … Continue reading

Guns, Commandments, and a paper Caesar.

Gun control seems to be a big topic politically in our nation.  Among the fallout from the horrid shooting in Newtown, politicians have set their cross-hairs on guns again.  This is certainly a topic by which people can very passionately … Continue reading

Evaluating Bible Story Books/Videos for Devotions

We have 10 children. And so we have collected lots (way lots) of Bible story books. Most were given to us or the various kids. We also strive to have morning and evening devotions with the whole family. What we … Continue reading

Do I Have “Torah” Written on My Forehead? (The Importance of Daily Devotions)

The Divine Service is the main course of a wholesome, spiritually nutritious diet.  There’s nothing quite like the gathering of the saints—past and present—around Word and Sacrament.  This is no ordinary meal; it’s the very Wedding Feast of the Lamb … Continue reading

Sermon for Good Friday, by Rev. Dr. Kenneth Korby ~ Behold! The Lamb of God

by Rev. Kenneth Korby Abraham was right. That faithful old man, the “father of believers,” was caught in the deepest anguish of his faith when God stuck him on the spear-point of his order to sacrifice his son. Laden with wood on … Continue reading

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies-Easter 2

Second Part: Attacks On The Name and Traditions There are three main things people attack about this Holy Day: They claim that it is pagan because the name Easter is from a pagan goddess. They claim that Easter eggs are … Continue reading

The Lord’s Supper as Christ’s Last Will and Testament

We hear the words during the consecration, “this cup is the new testament in My blood.”   However, most English Bibles will translate the words of Jesus as the “new covenant” (the Authorized or King James Version being a great exception).   … Continue reading

Steadfast In Colloquy — Call for Donations for a New LCMS Pastor, by Pr. Rossow

At BJS we are familiar with deep discussions about theology. Many conversations occur online between our authors and readers over the distinctives that we hold dear. Not all of our contributors come from an LCMS background but adhere steadfastly to … Continue reading

Mercedes-Benzes, Premium Wine, And The Tools Of The Pastoral Ministry

Many people are unaware that before ministry I was a finance and economics major in college. In fact, during my senior year of college at Minot State University I was hired by American International Group (i.e., AIG). This new job … Continue reading

What Is Easter All About?

NOTE: About a month or so ago, I came across an opportunity to write a bi-monthly column in the Faith and Values section of our local paper the Huntington Beach WAVE, a subsidiary of the Orange County Register. It’s included … Continue reading

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Annunciation

Annunciation (March 25th) is the day that the Church celebrates when the angel Gabriel came to announce to Mary that God conceived His eternally begotten Son in her virgin womb (Luke 1:26-38). The day marks the celebration of the Incarnation … Continue reading

Be Aware Of The Back Door Tactic Of The Evil One

In the book Grace Upon Grace the author, Dr. John Kleinig, describes Satan’s attack on Christians and the Church. Kleinig notes that we too quickly think of spiritual battle in supernatural or spectacular ways. We think of Satan doing glamorous … Continue reading

Weasel Creeds and the devil’s tricks…

 St. Paul teaches that the Church is the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:12ff.).  Christ is not divided (1 Cor 1:13), nor should any division be found in His Church.  As the Psalmist declares, “How good and pleasant it is … Continue reading

Steadfast in Education: Why Lutheran Schools and Why Lutheran Teachers?

Why do we need Lutheran schools? Why do Lutheran schools need Lutheran teachers? Though these are simple questions, their answers get at the whole reason that the extensive system of Lutheran schools exists in the first place. Lutherans in North … Continue reading

Steadfast on Campus — The Spirituality of the Dross

If you’re looking for the opposite of what Gene Veith describes as The Spirituality of the Cross, here it is!  Since dross rhymes with cross and, in as much as dross is waste matter, I think “The Spirituality of the … Continue reading

The Bible – new TV series on History Channel. Waiting to see, but consider a warning…

There is a new series of docudramas coming to the History Channel this Sunday night.  It is called “The Bible”.  This may turn out to be good, but I would offer a couple cautions. 1.  The History Channel (and any … Continue reading

Lutherans In Africa — Bringing Lutheran Doctrine to an area twice the size of the U.S., Video from the Conference

Want to know an organization which is centered on teaching Lutheran doctrine and practice to Africans?  Lutherans in Africa is it.  James May gave the last presentation at our Conference and talked about the need for Confessional Lutheranism in Africa … Continue reading

Another Law/Gospel Gem from the Conference, Pr. Tony Sikora

Pr. Sikora preached the sermon for the Divine Service on Saturday morning using the texts for Lent 1.  Hopefully this one will help you in your future reading of Pastor Sikora’s wonderful sermons here on BJS.  Thanks to Peter Slayton … Continue reading

Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller – Out of Evangelicalism, Lutheran comfort for Evangelical despair.

Pr. Wolfmueller gave the second presentation at the 2013 BJS Conference.  His presentation was on the topic of coming out of Evangelicalism.  He spoke within the framework of Psalm 119, trying to emphasizing the value and importance of God’s Word … Continue reading

Abortion: The Ancient/Modern issue

Associate Editor’s Note:  With this post, Pastor Adam Lehman joins us at BJS as a writer. Pastor Lehman was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2000-2004. He is a graduate … Continue reading

Christ the Steadfast — An excellent Law/Gospel sermon by Pr. Hans Fiene

On Friday night of our conference, right after hearing stand-up comedy by Pr. Wolfmueller we gathered in the sanctuary of Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville to pray Evening Prayer together.  Pr. Hans Fiene preached a fine sermon in which the … Continue reading


There were tons of reasons to be joy-filled at the Brothers of John the Steadfast conference this past weekend. Here are a few of them: •    Chocolate. There was an ample supply of chocolate. Like Pavlov’s dog, I now salivate … Continue reading

Videos from the 2013 BJS Conference… to be updated.

  The conference is over, but the instruction continues.  Courtesy of Peter Slayton’s expertise, we have videos from the conference presentations, stand up comedy routine, and sermons of the conference. The first is the presentation of Pr. Jonathan Fisk on … Continue reading