Fun and Faith

Before tossing the catalog into the circular file I skimmed over the outside cover and noticed the words “fun and faith” joined together in an alliterative effort to illustrate what their catalog was all about.  Well, guess what?  It was … Continue reading

Brides being Given Away — sexist?

An interesting post over on deprofundisclamaviadtedomine (parse THAT word I dare you!) talks about an article in the Telegraph from 2010. The telegraph article reports that the swedish princess is wanting to emulate the British tradition of the father giving … Continue reading

“Engaging Families With Jesus”: ELS Convention Essay

One of the highlights of the ELS Convention each year is the essay, which focuses on some particular doctrine or practice of the church. This year’s essay, connected to the overall vision statement of the synod, “Engage Others With Jesus,” … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — Authority

The last topic we addressed was discipline.  Children need to learn an attitude.  They need to learn humility more than they need to learn rules.  Rules change as we grow older.  The humble attitude remains.  Love does not exalt itself.  … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — Discipline

When I was a young man I knew everything there is to know about how to discipline children.  I watched others and noted what they did that was wrong.  I resolved what I would do if and when I had … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — Family Worship

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” – Matthew 6:33 Bringing your children to church is your first duty.  Bringing church to your children is your second duty.  … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — The First Duty of a Dad

I would like to thank Pastor Scheer for this opportunity to contribute to Steadfast Lutherans.  The topic of Christian fatherhood is always a vital one, and this is so especially today in the midst of confusion – also among Christians … Continue reading