We Poison Souls When We Mingle Law & Gospel (Law & Gospel In Laymen’s Terms: Thesis II)

  A teacher of scripture who wishes to teach and preach correctly needs  to present all the different doctrines of the Bible correctly. If this isn’t a heavy expectation, one cannot call themselves a good and correct teacher unless they … Continue reading

Law & Gospel: Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Law & Gospel In Laymen’s Terms: Thesis I)

Thesis I of Walther’s Law and Gospel in Laymen’s Terms: The whole Bible can be separated into two easy categories, they are Law and Gospel. Think of these categories as two sides of the same coin. The Law tells us what … Continue reading

Walther’s Law and Gospel In Laymen’s Terms

For devotions and discipleship, one of my staff and I worked through C.F.W. Walther’s book titled, “The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel.” As a project I thought I would take up the challenge of re-writing each of Walther’s theses … Continue reading