Great Stuff — The Repentance of Nineveh, or Mocking God?

A great post by Pr. Lincoln Winter found over on   It’s easy to take the bible out of context. We don’t want to use phrases like, “God is not mocked” without making sure we are applying it to … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Small Catechism Memory Cards in the 1986 CPH Translation

This was originally posted over on Be sure to check that site for assistance in teaching your kids or students the Small Catechism and related topics. You can also like the LutheranCatechism group on facebook.   Elk River Printing … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Women Don’t Need To Get Drafted To Be Equal With Men

Found an article by Pr. Hans Fiene over on The Federalist:   When God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden naked, this was a sign that he had given our first parents all they needed. Because God … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Crisis of Catechesis — “Churches are full of activity, but may often fail to ensure quality teaching,” David Rueter

Found over on the new website, Join in the conversation on Facebook in the group Lutheran Catechism: In the Preface of his Large Catechism, Luther states substantive reasons why the Christian faithful should continually use the catechism. Both the … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Drafting our Daughters

A great post written by LCMS Laity Aaron Wolf over on   The leftist regime, incarnate in bold and belligerent Democrats and tepid, me-too Republicans, hates women, the same way it hates black people.  The way you can tell … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Koinonia Part 15: Challenges To Unity

Another great post found over on Pastor Lincoln Winter’s blog, Musings of a Country Pastor:   Nota Bene: In keeping with the parameters of the Koinonia Project, I will not be divulging any discussions from the Koinonia Project itself. The … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Should I Go on Sinning?

Another great post found over on Pastor Lincoln Winter’s blog, Musings of a Country Pastor:   Yesterday in Bible Class we were talking about providence and sin. On the one hand, God can use anything – even the works of … Continue reading

Great Stuff — LCC President issues call to prayer for Oromos

Found over on   WINNIPEG – Lutheran Church–Canada President Robert Bugbee has asked pastors and churches across the Synod to pray for the Oromo people during this Christmas festival season. “Many of you may never have heard of this … Continue reading

Great Stuff — The Mother and Child Reunion

Another great post found over on Pastor Paul R. Harris’ blog, St. Antony’s Cave:   Obviously Paul Simon had mommy issues. “Mama looked down and spit on the ground every time my name gets mentioned.” “The first thing I remember, … Continue reading

Great Stuff — How to Reclaim Parental Spiritual Responsibility in Advent

Great Stuff by Stan Palmer found over on This is web-exclusive content for the Lutheran Witness:   Although written from a modern evangelical perspective (Fuller Youth Institute), “Silence is Not Golden” is a thought-provoking discussion about the ongoing parental … Continue reading

Should Women Fight?

Great stuff found over on GottesdienstOnline:   The D.O.D.’s sad announcement yesterday reminded me that the CTCR of the LCMS is considering the question of whether or not it is immoral for a government to place women into combat. It … Continue reading

Book of Concord Drawing, Reformation 2015

Rick Techlin, a frequent attender at BJS conferences, has graciously given out a Book of Concord at each of the last few Brothers of John the Steadfast conferences. He’s supporting another give-a-way for Reformation this year on his website.   … Continue reading

Grasping at Straws

Found over on GottesdienstOnline:   In response to the last post about the use of Entertainment Worship at the chapel of Concordia Seminary St. Louis, there have been some misleading assertions. I’ve seen some of them. One of them is … Continue reading

Great Stuff — How to make your church irresistible

by Earle D. Treptow Found over on   Did it work? Did the title grab your attention and compel you to read? If you’re feeling like you’ve been hooked by a title, allow this confession. I got hooked by … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Desperate Times don’t Demand Desperate Measures – Keep Calm and Reform On

Found over on   There is no doubt this was a difficult Summer for Christians in America. It felt like one blow after another on our religious freedoms. There were landmark decisions regarding marriage, and many embattled consciences over … Continue reading

Great Stuff — “The New Antinomianism: Denying Thesis 18 of Law and Gospel” By Rev. Mark A. Preus

Found over on Gottesdienst Online:   I know you’ll all want sources.  “Where have you seen this?”  “Who said this?”  I can’t give you any right now.  I’ve just seen it happen, and I think that if you’re reading this, … Continue reading

WordSites — making Websites available for Lutheran Organizations

I’m so excited to share this with you. Joshua McNary & I often get approached by non-profit organizations wanting a new website for their organization, but they have limited (or non existent) funds to devote to the project. We’ve long wished there was more we could do to help these deserving groups reach more people with the life saving Word of Jesus Christ through an expanded internet presence.

Continue reading

Great Stuff — Jesus didn’t say homosexuality and same sex marriage are wrong?

Found over on Pastor Mark Surburg’s blog:   In discussions about homosexuality and same sex marriage, you will often encounter people who deliver this as if it is a clear proof that homosexuality and same sex marriage are morally acceptable: … Continue reading

Great Stuff — The LCMS Calls a Post a Post

Found over on Chronicles Magazine:   By:Aaron D. Wolf If the role of religion in America today is to teach the faithful to bend over and kiss the ring of postmodernity and beg for forgiveness for actually believing something, the … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Why they don’t sing in Church anymore

Great stuff by Jonathan Aigner found over on Editors Note – the following may not be from Lutherans, but much of what it speaks relates to us as well.   This is the last post you will ever need … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Reflections on the Fall of a Pastor

Posted over on   Tullian Tchividjian, the well known pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, has resigned his position.  According to his own statement both he and his wife committed adultery.  This disqualifies him from the pastoral office.  He … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Lutheran “synergism” and the regenerate will

Another great article found over on Pastor Mark Surburg’s blog:   No Lutheran who confesses that the Book of Concord is a correct exposition of Holy Scripture can deny that the regenerate man cooperates with the Holy Spirit in new … Continue reading

Great Stuff — What the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Will Mean for Confessional Lutherans

Great Stuff found over on   Back in 2014 the three judges of the 7th Circuit Court ruled that Wisconsin and Indiana could not limit marriage to heterosexuals. According to Judge Richard Posner, this ruling was necessary because traditional … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Mark’s thoughts: They worshipped when?!?

Great stuff found over on Pastor Mark Surburg’s blog:   During the years 111-113 A.D. a Roman named Pliny served as the appointed governor over the area Pontus-Bythinia in what is today Turkey.  Although communication was by our standards painfully … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Koinonia Project One year On… Part 2

Great stuff found over on Pastor Lincoln Winter’s blog, Musings of a Country Pastor   The discussions in the Koinonia Project (KP) are welcome. For years, the Wyoming District has been requesting serious theological dialogue regarding our divisions. After several … Continue reading