Texas Confessional Lutherans 2011 Free Conference

Report from the Twenty-Second Texas Confessional Lutherans Free Conference (2011):   Theme: “The Koinonia Project, Witness, Mercy, Life Together” First Vice President Herb Mueller presented information concerning the Koinonia Project and the study: Witness, Mercy, Life Together. This study and … Continue reading

Serial Prayer ““ Has the CTCR Done Their Job? by Andy Simcak, Texas Confessional Lutherans

The 2007 Houston convention of the LCMS adopted Resolution 3-05: “To Provide Further Discussion and Guidance on the Matter of Serial Prayer. The resolution reads as follows: WHEREAS, in 2004 Res. 3-06A, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod commended for study “Guidelines … Continue reading

Missions or Pure Doctrine? by Pr. Andrew Simcak, (regular columnists for the Texas Confessional Lutherans)

(Editor’s Note: Pastor Simcak touches on a theme that will get much attention on this site in the weeks to come. Defining “missions” and understanding its place in the church is a fundamental part of the LCMS Task Force’s justification … Continue reading