The LCMS in Her Own Words – Comfort Dog Installed as Staff Member in Northern Illinois Parish, by Pr. Rossow

In addition to my editor’s blog, when I have time, I make an entry in the “The LCMS in Her Own Words” column. The Northern Illinois District recently publicized the following: Dedication Service at St. John Algonquin for LCC Comfort … Continue reading

Words Don’t Mean what they Say: An Ablaze Dictionary, by Pr. Rossow

In this edition of “The LCMS in Her Own Words” (see the Regular Columns page for more posts to this column) we focus on how words are getting new meanings in the church these days. Like most movements Ablaze has … Continue reading

A Dramatic Reading of Ablaze Grants, by Pr. Tim Rossow

As a part of my regular column on “The LCMS in Her Own Words” I am doing a review of the Ablaze grants in the Northern Illinois District. Cantor Phillip Magness was our congregation’s lay delegate to the convention. In … Continue reading

More on the Call for Intercessors for the LCMS – Prayer as a Means of Grace at Pastor Bira’s Church, by Pr. Rossow

One of our readers took the time to do what  I did not do this morning when I posted the story on the Ablaze intercessory prayer event sponsored by the LCMS. She went to Pastor Bira’s church’s website  and found … Continue reading

Do You have the Gift of Intercession? President Kieschnick, Ablaze and the Nation Need You, by Pr. Rossow

(Pastor Rossow blogs regularly on the site under the title Editor’s Blog and also writes an occasional post, such as this one,  archived on the Regular Columns page under the title “The LCMS in Her Own Words.”) Here is a … Continue reading

The LCMS In Her Own Words: She May Eventually Collapse Under the Weight of Her Multi-Site Parishes, by Pastor Rossow

(Editor’s Note: Months ago I started my own column on the website titled “The LCMS in Her Own Words.” The point of the column is to simply quote LCMS publications in order to illustrate how un-churchly we have become. I … Continue reading

Dog Ministry? You Can’t Make this Stuff Up, by Pr. Tim Rossow

(Editor’s Note: In addition to the editor’s blog on occassion I update my column “The LCMS in Her Own Words.” It can be found on the “Regular Columns Page.”) Just this morning I received the following e-mail story as a … Continue reading

Special Texas Lutheran Youth Gathering Edition of “The LCMS in Her Own Words” by Pastor Rossow

Where do I start? Pastor Wilken has introduced us to a nightmare called the Texas Lutheran Youth Gathering. The problems with this event go far beyond the fact that they have chosen a non-Lutheran, woman pastor to be the Lead … Continue reading

The LCMS In Her Own Words – Leadership has Replaced Faithfulness

(from Pr. Rossow) In this column we will be passing on extended quotes from various LCMS communications from around the synod. The intention is to establish that the LCMS has moved away from its historic Lutheran and Confessional character. Here … Continue reading