Petition against the sale of KFUO (FM)

I previously mentioned my agnosticism on the sale of KFUO (FM) and, in fact, my view that the LCMS got a pretty good deal on the sale. And I have to tell you, I’m one of the very few people … Continue reading

Rev. Matt Harrison’s Book on Our Grandfather’s Church is Now Available

Rev. Matt Harrison’s long awaited book of essays by previous LCMS presidents is now available for purchase. (Click here to order.) We featured an excerpt  last week which demonstrates the genius of this book. We are in a very difficult … Continue reading

KFUO-FM and a failure of leadership

Based on what I know of KFUO-FM’s management and value, I support the sale of the radio station. Still, I think it’s terribly sad that it came to this and I think the sale reflects poorly on the leadership of … Continue reading

Audio Recording of TCN Presentation at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, by Pr. Rossow

TCN (Transforming Churches Network) is a church consulting exercise that the LCMS Ablaze folks created in order to fix 2,000 of the churches that they have deemed dysfunctional in the LCMS. (They believe 80% of all LCMS churches are broken.) … Continue reading

Yes the Church is Dying – Why I Joined the Lutheran Church, A Comment by Dave Spotts

Here is a comment from our post on the TCN at the St. Louis Seminary. It is by Dave Spotts, a former Calvinist who is now a Lutheran. His point about the church dying is this: TCN is geared toward … Continue reading

President Pfotenhauer has Some Critique for President Kieschnick Concerning His Emphases

In 1936 LCMS President Friedrech Pfotehauer delivered an address in River Forest, Illinois in which he says that neither missions nor more synodical power will revitalize the synod. The only thing that will do that is the word of God. … Continue reading


The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that the LCMS sold KFUO for $18 million. See the details here. “Stay tuned” to BJS for further details and commentary. … Continue reading

Lutheran Identity Theft – A Newspaper Article Submitted by Rev. Joshua Scheer

(This is an article that Rev. Scheer is submitting to his local newspaper in Minnesota.) Identity Theft: “Lutheran” By Rev. Joshua Scheer There it was, the headline read “Lutherans to vote on sexually active gay clergy” on Being a … Continue reading