Nominating ballots have now arrived! (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Late last week the Secretary of the Synod mailed out to each congregation the official nominating ballot for the offices of President, First Vice-President, and Other Vice-Presidents. That official ballot is one of the most important pieces of mail your … Continue reading

Final Tally for Issues, Etc. Fundraiser

Thanks to our readers who made generous contributions to Issues, Etc. and the Brothers of John the Steadfast. We raised a total of $3,803. Of that total $2,570 was designated for Issues, Etc. and $1,233 was designated for the Brothers … Continue reading

Can You Help Us Start a New Chapter of BJS around Thousand Oaks, CA? by Damion Giunta

(Damion Giunta is an LCMS member in the suburbs northwest of Los Angeles. He is hoping to start a chapter of the Brothers of John the Steadfast in his local area. If you are reading this and are in the … Continue reading

This is Your Grandfather’s Church – Reflections for All Saints’ Day, by Pr. Stephen Schumacher

(This is the description for the All Saints’ Day Celebration at Bethany Lutheran – Naperville, Illinois that was printed in the bulletin this morning. The dinner was great. Your editor feasted on scalloped corn and smoked ham, while others enjoyed … Continue reading

Bethany Lutheran – Naperville, Illinois has a “This is Your Grandfathers’ Church” All Saints Celebration, by Pr. Rossow

Blessed Reformation and All Saints Days to all our readers! At the parish I serve we like to have as many actual feasts on the feast days of the church year as possible.  This year Pastor Stephen Schumacher, my co-worker … Continue reading

Seminaries: Beware Who You Host – President Kieschnick and All His Men May Not be much Interested in Retaining Residency Seminaries, by Pr. Rossow

This notice appeared at the Ft. Wayne Seminary: P R E S I D E N T ‘ S O F F I C E Dear Seminary Family: This coming week, November 4-6, it will be our privilege to host … Continue reading

Dr. David Scaer Gives Matt Harrison’s New Book High Marks

Review: “Reconnect with Synod’s Noble Past”                                                               Thursday, 29 October … Continue reading

Church Growth / WCA long-term impact on a church.

Below is a comment that came in regarding the WCA article on the BJS site that we felt was worthy of  posting on the homepage. The author has been verified by us and we know who it is, but obviously … Continue reading

409,703 Clams, Bucks, Smackers, Dead Presidents and/or Cold Hard Cash Spent On Consultants by the Synod for Structure Proposals, by Pr. Rossow

Thanks to Rev. J Wheeler who went straight to the LCMS Treasurer Tom Kuchta, we now know how much was spent on consultants for the Blue Ribbon proposals: $409,703. Tom Kuchta also mentioned that the money came from Thrivent. This … Continue reading

Fill “˜Er Up With Law Please

We continue to bring you things that we find around the web .. here is another post that we found on Scott Diekmann’s Stand Firm blog: Feeling like your missional gas tank is on “E?” Head on over to, … Continue reading

Part IV of Martin Noland’s Essay on Laymens’ Rights — Contemporary Challenges to Laymen’s Rights in the LCMS: The Blue Ribbon Proposal

(Editor’s Note: for an introduction to this essay and for Part I  click here. For Part II click here  and for Part III cilck here.) IV. Contemporary Challenges to Laymen’s Rights in the Missouri Synod – The Blue Ribbon Proposal … Continue reading

Let’s Not Tinker with Article II of the Constitution, by Klemet Preus

The final report of President Kieschnick’s Blue ribbon task force is on the synod’s web site and the conversation surrounding it has continued. Much ink will be invested during the next nine months discussing the relative merits of the far … Continue reading

A New and Disturbing Revelation from the BRTFSG: Religion and Cultural Pluralist Consultant is the Guiding Force Behind the Blue Ribbon Proposals, by Pr. Rossow

I hope to work my way through the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Structure and Governance’s (BRTFSG) Final Report (pdf)  one section at a time and provide some analysis and commentary. We begin with the introductory pages where we find … Continue reading

Time for a BRTFGS – LCMS Safety Pause Brought to You by Alaska Airlines

I found this on Scott Diekmann’s Stand Firm blog. Scott is a frequent BJS author and commentator, and is an airline pilot for Alsaka Airlines in “real life”, which is helpful to know to understand why  he talks about taxiing … Continue reading

The Ministry of Silly Walking Together (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

President Kieschnick’s Blue Ribbon Task Force Final Report It’s . . . Monty Python’s Flying Task Force . . . Man: I’d like to have an argument, please. Receptionist: Certainly, sir. Do you want to have a thorough, well-reasoned argument … Continue reading

Final Blue Ribbon Proposals Published – One Sample of the Control Proposed and the Manipulation of Ideas Used to Support It, by Pr. Rossow

The final report of the BRTFSG is out. (PDF)   I will need some more time to thoroughly understand it but I thought I would open the discussion with a curious sample. I am sure that the Task Force has … Continue reading

Part III of Martin Noland’s Essay on Laymens’ Rights ““ The Development of Laymen’s Rights in the Lutheran Church

(Editor’s Note: for an introduction to this essay and for Part I  click here. For Part II click here.) I am surprised that so few church historians have commented on the role of laymen in the reform and later establishment … Continue reading

TCN Troubles in the Congregation: A Godly Exchange Between Necessarily Rough Dan and a Struggling Parish Board Chairman, by Pr. Rossow

Yesterday a comment was posted here that sends chills up your spine making us realize how TCN is preying upon naive parishes. The chill was taken off however by a great response from another of our regular readers, Dan from … Continue reading

“Following in the Train of the Confessors” (Psalm 119:46), Reformation sermon by Pr. Charles Henrickson

“Following in the Train of the Confessors”(Psalm 119:46) Confessors, princes, duty bound, To Augsburg bold they came. Before the king they stood their ground And were not put to shame. Their good confession made that day Proved not to be … Continue reading

Is Matt Harrison Ablaze? I Do Not Know but Here is a Testimony that He is Evangelistic, by Pr. Rossow

Is Matt Harrison Ablaze? I do not know. Based on the following personal testimony from a reader who attended his presentation in western Missouri yesterday, it is clear that he is in favor of spreading the Gospel. (This comment is … Continue reading

Matt Harrison: At Home in Concordia, Missouri (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Rev. Matthew Harrison, Executive Director of LCMS World Relief and Human Care, was the main speaker for the West Missouri Pastors’ Conference. Although not serving in that half of the district, several of … Continue reading

Part II of Martin Noland’s Essay on Laymens’ Rights – The Pre Reformation History of the Matter

(Editor’s Note: for an introduction to this essay and for Part I  click here.) Before we look at contemporary challenges to laymen’s rights in Lutheran congregations, I would like to take you on a historical tour of the idea.   … Continue reading

Rome has Set Up a Structure to Accept Anglicans Opposed to Gay Bishops. Is Lutheran Realignment Far Behind?

Recent decisions by various church bodies to allow homosexual clergy are  threatening the arrangement of  denominational lines of demarcation in the Christian church. It is our hope here at the Brothers of John the Steadfast that fresh blood in the … Continue reading

“A Word to Our Sisters in Christ”, #6 in Spiritual Headship by Pr. Mark H. Hein

(This is the next post in our regular column “Spiritual Headship in the Church and Home” Pastor Hein’s articles on BJS can be found here.) This article on spiritual headship is geared to all of our dear sisters in Christ. … Continue reading

A Modest Suggestion to the DPs regarding their Theses on Worship, by Klemet Preus

I believe that the Theses on Worship (PDF), produced by the council of presidents, while a very helpful contribution to our ongoing discussion about worship, needs some work. Thesis IV is not quite adequate in its discussion of the imposition … Continue reading