‘Can You Wear Checked Socks on Ash Wednesday?’ ‘Can You Eat a Leftover Paczki the Day After?’ Should a Waltherian Boy from Iowa Get Ashed and Other Questions of Christian Freedom. by Pastor Rossow

When I was getting dressed this morning I started to pull out a pair of subtly checked (black and gray) socks to wear and then the question hit me – can you wear checked socks on Ash Wednesday or should … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Thoughts on a Failed Resolution by Pr. William Weedon

by Pastor William Weedon on Weedon’s Blog:   My parish had sent up a sort of trial balloon at the District Convention. it more or less made it through floor committee. It was to encourage the parishes of our District … Continue reading

The HHS Regulations on Contraceptives and Abortifacients: We’ve Been Here Before!

On February 16th, ten representatives of U.S. church-bodies and synagogues, including President Harrison of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, gave testimony in a hearing before a U.S. House Committee. The hearing dealt with the impact of the recently proposed regulations of … Continue reading

Dr. Harrison Shares Lenten Greetings

Here are Lenten Greetings from our Synod President Dr. Matthew Harrison.   You can download the Litany in pamphlet form here; print it double-sided to one 8.5×11 sheet you can fold in the middle to have a pamphlet. If you … Continue reading

“I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I am.”

At the same Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly of the ELCA, on February 18th, the following occurred:  “Minneapolis-area Lutherans Oppose Marriage Amendment”  and “Svennungsen is  new bishop of ELCA’s Minneapolis synod”  They go together hand-in-hand.  The former was legalized in the … Continue reading

Progress in externals… updated

I just had the chance to read through the Reporter article on the February 8th meeting between the ELCA and LCMS and their cooperation (Committee on Lutheran Cooperation).  The article can be found here. This article comes after seeing a … Continue reading

Intrepid Lutherans — Imposition of Ashes

I found this over on Intrepid Lutherans, the WELS blog. Here is a letter from a pastor talking the Imposition of Ashes at his church on Ash Wednesday   Dear Christian Friends, The Wednesday before the first Sunday in Lent … Continue reading

Sermon — Rev. Tony Sikora — Escape to Which Mountain

Grace, mercy, and peace be unto you from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  AMEN!  Our text for this morning’s sermon is taken from St. Mark’s gospel account the 9th chapter. (Mark 9:2-9)     Beloved in the … Continue reading

“It’s Déjà vu All Over Again”—Yogi Berra

I watched part of Rev. Matthew Harrison’s powerful witness to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee regarding the HHS Decisions. One congressman in his peroration pointed out to the panel that not one of the clergy was a woman, … Continue reading

#1 reason to give our Synod President some slack (and applause)…

There are some confessional Lutherans who have expressed their criticism of various things that President Harrison has done or not done.  After this past few weeks, I will say that I have found a new level of patience due to … Continue reading

Calling all Steadfast Ladies — Let’s Give the House Committee What They are Looking For

(Pastor Hein writes our regular column on male headship.) As you know, the liberals in congress, in the news media and of course in the women’s rights movement are deriding the fact that not enough women were given the opportunity … Continue reading

St. Louis Radio Host Interviews LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison on HHS Ruling

St. Louis Radio Host Interviews LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison on HHS Ruling On Friday, Feb. 17, KMOX radio host Charlie Brennan interviewed LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison on his appearance before a House committee regarding the recent … Continue reading

BJS Reader Believes Rep. Lankford Calls Out the Hidden Agenda in Washington

BJS reader Joe Strieter has been scratching his head and thinking through a lot of things in regards to the politics of the last few weeks culminating with President Harrison’s appearance at the house of representatives hearing yesterday. Here are his thoughts: … Continue reading

ULC MN Comments on MNS BoD minutes and “faulty” resolution for convention.

University Lutheran Chapel has posted on their website two new documents, one which addresses the board minutes from December, and another which comments on a proposed resolution written by a member of the Minnesota South Board of Directors which has … Continue reading

Mollie’s Post on Richochet.com – A Lutheran, A Jew, A Baptist and A Catholic Walk into a Hearing, by Pr. Rossow

The Harrison appearance in Washington is right up the vocational alley of BJS friend and blogger Mollie Ziegler Hemingway. She has written about it on richochet.com. You can read her insightful commentary here. … Continue reading

Harrison defends freedoms before House committee (Reporter article)

Harrison defends freedoms before House committee By Adriane Dorr LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison spoke in defense of religion and conscience before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a Capitol Hill hearing in Washington, D.C., on … Continue reading

Harrison Speaks Before House Committee: Video and Transcript

Video: Harrison Speaks Before House Committee Transcript: Transcript of LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison’s Feb. 16 Testimony before House Committee on Government and Oversight Article including transcript: Missouri Synod President tells House Committee: LCMS ‘religiously opposed to supporting … Continue reading

President Harrison’s Words for Washington, by Pr. Rossow

Wow! In a few words President Harrison was firm, bold and theological as he spoke before the House of Representatives committee hearing this morning in Washington D.C. He came out of the gates strong and never let up for his … Continue reading

Church as Minor Clerk in Caesar’s Court

Back in November, my brother-in-law, called me up because he was quite upset.  First, he and his family are members of an ELCA congregation.  His angst was over the pastor’s approving inclusion of a letter by Rev. Mark Hanson, the … Continue reading

Introducing the Rev. Mark Schroeder, another new blogger for BJS.

Associate Editor’s Note: Pastor Schroeder comes to write for BJS through many years of experience in serving first in the AELC, then in the ELCA.  As of 2010 he joined the LCMS by colloquy. Rev. Mark Schroeder was ordained on … Continue reading

President Harrison to Address US House Committee on the Obama Healthcare Ruling Tomorrow Morning, by Pr. Rossow

We just heard that President Harrison will be addressing a House Committee in Washington DC tomorrow on the recent Obama healthcare ruling. You can watch it live at 9:30 Eastern time by clicking on the Witness-Mercy-Life Together blog. You can … Continue reading

From the ACELC blog — Costa Costa Costa Costa Concordia

This blog post from the ACELC by Pastor Sawyer was brought to our attention; we post it here for those readers who don’t follow the ACELC blog.   Honestly, I have NO good reason why Boy George and the Culture … Continue reading

ACELC – are they a big bunch of divisive meanies?

I had the privilege to attend the second annual ACELC Conference this past week in Lincoln, NE at Good Shepherd Lutheran. The list of presenters was a very good one for this conference.  It included a District President, a couple … Continue reading

The Reality of the Christian Experience

When we often hear many American Evangelicals go on and on about their experiences, it might make us not want to talk at all about the Christian experience, but when we understand it correctly, the Christian experience is truly a … Continue reading

Of Presidents, Bishops, and Birth Control

President Harrison has issued an update in the current controversy over the Federal Government’s mandate of free birth control for all, world without end. The only thing missing from Pres. Harrison’s letter is the frank admission that all hormonal contraceptives … Continue reading