Line Up for “No Pietest Allowed Parties” and Last Chance to Register for BJS Conference, by Pr. Rossow

Registration for the annual BJS conference closes tomorrow night. The conference is being held in Naperville, Illinois this Friday and Saturday and features Revs. Fisk, Wolfmueller and Scheer speaking on a BJS distinctive – the new Lutheran media. Registrations are flowing in briskly but … Continue reading

The Best Fifteen Minutes of Theology I have ever Read, Heard or Seen – Fisk’s Critique of the Anti-Religion Guy, by Pr. Rossow

In case you are one of the 13 people who hasn’t seen it yet I thought I would encourage you to view one of the recent editions of Pastor Jonathan Fisk’s Worldview Everlasting videos. I have been privileged to listen … Continue reading

Fort Wayne President Rast’s Bold Statement about the SMP Program and other Interesting Notes from the Symposia, by Pr. Rossow

There was a critical exchange at the Ft. Wayne Symposia yesterday afternoon. After President Larry Rast’s presentation on the theological formation of pastors after the age of Google, a pastor went to the microphone and asked President Rast to “prophecy.” What … Continue reading

Registration Open for BJS Annual Conference: “Getting the Gospel Doctrine to the Diaspora in an Electronic Age”

There are many confessional Lutherans and other confessional Christians who are not near authentically liturgical and doctrinal churches. There is a plethora of new media available to this “diaspora” to help fill the gap. The young bucks (Fisk, Scheer and … Continue reading

Save the Date – Young Bucks Take the Lead at the 4th Annual BJS International Conference, by Pr. Rossow

Save the dates and look for registration information soon for our annual conference. As usual it will be the second full weekend of February. This year that makes it Friday and Saturday, February 10 – 11. We start late Friday afternoon … Continue reading

It’s More About the ‘Heart’ Knowledge than it is About the ‘Head’ Knowledge According to St. Louis Sem Magazine, by Pr. Rossow

In this Fall’s edition of “Concordia Seminary,” the magazine of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, it is reported that the professors remind the students that “it’s more about the ‘heart’ knowledge than it is about the ‘head’ knowledge” (p. 21). This … Continue reading

Obama has Greater Support than Lane Seitz Does – Resolution of Minnesota North District Pastors, by Pr. Rossow

I read a poll this morning that says that only 35% of Americans think Barack Obama will be re-elected. Contrast that with a vote today at the Minnesota North Pastors Conference against the action of President Lane Seitz and the Board … Continue reading

An Invitation for the MN South Board of Directors and President Seitz to Use His Suggested Method to Solve the Conflict over ULC, by Pr. Rossow

Does anyone deny that there is a conflict in the Minnesota South District over the dispensation of the University Lutheran Chapel property? In the last edition of the Minnesota South District Reporter insert President Lane Seitz describes his own personal … Continue reading

Minnesota South District Votes to Sell ULC Property and Allow the Lord’s Place to be Demolished and Replaced for Capital Gain, by Pr. Rossow

The Minnesota South Board of Directors has voted to sell the University Lutheran Chapel sanctuary and property. They have done this without going to the people of the Minnesota South and North Districts, who gave the money to build the … Continue reading

What Price do You Put on the Gospel? Minnesota South District Treasurer Encourages Board to Sell the ULC Property, by Pr. Rossow

What price do you put on the Gospel? Apparently the price is three million dollars. We have just learned that the Minnesota South District Treasurer has recommended to the district board of directors that the University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) property be sold … Continue reading