Bowing, Genuflecting, A Little Green Hill Far Away and Other Liturgical Miscellany, by Pr. Rossow

I categorize the following as the semi-rational musings of a once pietist (childhood), once contemporary worship practitioner (first call) current devotee of traditional, Scriptural and Lutheran worship (last twenty years). I would advise against reading any further unless you have … Continue reading

‘Can You Wear Checked Socks on Ash Wednesday?’ ‘Can You Eat a Leftover Paczki the Day After?’ Should a Waltherian Boy from Iowa Get Ashed and Other Questions of Christian Freedom. by Pastor Rossow

When I was getting dressed this morning I started to pull out a pair of subtly checked (black and gray) socks to wear and then the question hit me – can you wear checked socks on Ash Wednesday or should … Continue reading

President Harrison to Address US House Committee on the Obama Healthcare Ruling Tomorrow Morning, by Pr. Rossow

We just heard that President Harrison will be addressing a House Committee in Washington DC tomorrow on the recent Obama healthcare ruling. You can watch it live at 9:30 Eastern time by clicking on the Witness-Mercy-Life Together blog. You can … Continue reading