Incredible Act of Service by an Architect for Lutherans in Africa (LIA), by Pr. Rossow

This past spring an incredible gift was given by God to Lutherans in Africa (LIA). On a recent fund-raising trip to Missouri and Texas where several congregations gave wonderful financial gifts to Lutherans in Africa, one congregation gave a nearly … Continue reading

Western Philosophy through the Ages and its Influence on Theology, Post 2 – The Ancient Greeks Part I: The Presocratics, by Pr. Tim Rossow

The Ancient Greeks Part I: The Presocratics – Seeds Planted for the Dualism that Causes Many Doctrinal Problems Introduction It is common place for the educated and the uneducated alike today to say things such as “Well, I don’t agree … Continue reading

Western Philosophy through the Ages and its Influence on Theology, by Pr. Rossow

Over the years I have sketched several outlines for a book on this topic and so I was pleased when BJS Editor Joshua Scheer asked me to write a series on the topic. In this series we will start with the … Continue reading

How to Rewrite a Well-Intentioned but Ridiculous Church PR Statement, by Pr. Rossow

An LCMS church out in the Rocky Mountain District wrote this to their community on their website: Each week at the Praise Services we gather to celebrate the grace, freedom, and joy we have in Christ. We are learning to … Continue reading

Praise Due Where Praise is Deserved – The Positive Harrison Effect. by Pr. Rossow

I have not seen nearly as much doctrinal leadership or supervision from the Harrison administration in the LCMS as I expected there would be. (If you disagree prove me wrong by listing confessional accomplishments from the administration in the last … Continue reading

Who’s Minding the Store at CPH? by Pr. Rossow

On a recent stop in St. Louis at the anchor store of Concordia Publishing House on Jefferson Avenue I was shocked to notice that the heretical book of spiritist author Sarah Young was for sale in the store. The title … Continue reading

Bishop Asiago of Kenya Tours the LCMS to Share the Plight of the ELCK, by Pr. Rossow

Bishop Thomas Asiago logged over 4,000 miles, met over 1,500 LCMS members, including 30 pastors and 3 presidents in the last few weeks. He was warmly received and was able to tell the story of the beleaguered Evangelical Lutheran Church … Continue reading

A Major Conference on LCMS Missions in Houston Sponsored by Lutherans in Africa

Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas is hosting Pastor James May (Director of Lutherans in Africa), Rev. Steve Schave (Director of LCMS Urban and Inner City Missions) and Rev. Dr. Tim Rossow (Administrative Pastor, Bethany Lutheran, Naperville, Illinois for … Continue reading

Kenya’s Oldest, Most Read Newspaper Reports on Bishop Obare’s Corruption Including Allegations Involving LCEF Loan, by Pr. Rossow

The Standard Digital (the internet arm of the oldest and most read newspaper in Kenya) has reported the corruption of Bishop Obare in an article titled “How Clergy Ate Cash Cows Intended for Church.” You can read the article online … Continue reading

Yes Virginia, there is a BJS, by Pastor Rossow

This blog is read by thousands of people but not all of those readers will admit to it. Once again we have proof of the BJS impact. A few weeks ago we posted information about the Concordia University Irvine Great … Continue reading

The Brothers Enter a New Era with New Editor and Chairman of the Board Joshua Scheer, by Pr. Rossow

After a year or so of talking about it Joshua Scheer and I have decided this is a good time to hand off the BJS editorship. Joshua has been the driving force behind BJS for the last couple of years … Continue reading

A Great Resolution on “Lay Pastors” from the Northern Illinois District Convention that other Districts Ought to Pass, by Pr. Rossow

The Northern Illinois District is not what I would call a liberal district but it is certainly a Church Growth district. That is why it was surprising that the convention passed a clear motion regarding the Mathew Becker case. Here … Continue reading

Photos of Bishops, Delegates, and First Pastor of the Kenyan Lutheran Church Locked Out by Obare, by Pr. Rossow

Here are a few photos from the debacle in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK). I have been posting stories about Walter Obare locking duly elected delegates out of the recent ELCK convention. This morning I received photographic documentation. … Continue reading

Update on the Ecclesiastical Battle in Kenya, by Pr. Rossow

Yesterday I wrote about Bishop Obare of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK), a sister church of the LCMS, hiring police to bar legitimate delegates from the electoral convention there. The five bus loads of legitimate delegates have now … Continue reading

Ecclesiastical War Looming in the Kenyan Lutheran Church as Obare Hires Guards to Keep People from the Electoral Convention, by Pr. Rossow

While we are fighting our worship war here in the LCMS, a worthy fight indeed, the Lutherans we are in fellowship with in Kenya, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK), are fighting a more literal war. Five busloads of … Continue reading

Well-Digging Missions Project for Day Schools, Sunday Schools and VBS, by Pr. Rossow

This is an invitation for your Day School, Sunday School or VBS to join with children from all around the country to give offerings to the digging of a well for the new Lutheran Center in Nairobi, Kenya in Africa. … Continue reading

A Terse and Poignant Defense of Traditional Worship, by Pr. Rossow

Occasionally a comment on a post rises to the level of an actual post. Here is a comment by BJS writer Miguel Ruiz in response to a critique of traditional worship by BJS reader Gary. (It is over on the … Continue reading

Concordia University Irvine — “Great Commission Summit”

Concordia College Irvine is hosting an evangelism conference with some rather strange bed fellows. From the attached promotional piece you can see that they are partnering with Roman Catholics, Evangelicals and the African American Methodists. The Romans do not have … Continue reading

LCMS Liberals Write “An Open Letter to Pr. Dan Gilbert of the Northern Illinois District of the LCMS,” by Pr. Rossow

The Northern Illinois District (NID) just concluded a fairly conservative convention as the NID goes including a call for Matthew Becker to repent. Apparently that got liberals in the LCMS worked up. Here is a letter they wrote to President … Continue reading

Strong and Good Move by the LCMS in the Kenyan Lutheran Church, by Pr. Rossow

After my trip to Africa in January I have been writing about strengths and weaknesses that I saw in the church there. This post is an interjection of breaking news into that series. A letter is being circulated among the … Continue reading

Statement to the Northwest District from President Linnemann, by Pr. Rossow

We found this over on the NOW district website under resources titled “Statement to the NOW District from President Linnemann” (PDF found here). It is a sad appeal to democracy and psychology rather than Holy Scripture. President Linnemann prays for … Continue reading

Out of Africa – Corruption, Bishop Obare and the ELCK, by Pr. Rossow

Now that the BJS Annual Conference is past I have time to return to my posts on Africa. In January I spent three weeks in East Africa and a couple of weeks ago I published a list of ten things … Continue reading

The Gavel Fell Too Soon – More Words with No Action, This Time from All the LCMS Presidents, by Pr. Rossow

Scott Diekmann has posted the Council of LCMS Presidents (COP) recent statement on the Matthew Becker situation with an apt introductory commentary. People are waking up. The statement of the COP is a wake up call. The LCMS is dying … Continue reading

Confessional Lutheranism is Alive and Well – 225 Gather to Hear about Heterodoxy Hitting Home, by Pr. Rossow

We have our highest registration ever in the six year history of our annual BJS Conference. They are here from Massachusetts, Texas, California, Florida, Wyoming, and even from Kenya, Africa (Rev. James May). For those who are here you have … Continue reading

Speakers on Heterodoxy High Alert, The Spirit and Great Spirits, Live Recordings, Africa, Bacon and More – Welcome to the Brothers’ Big Conference and Party, by Pr Rossow

Today we welcome over 200 folks to our annual conference here in Naperville, Illinois. Welcome travelers and those who may be tracking us on these posts on line. Norm, Rev. Scheer, Rev. May, Rev. Henrickson, and I will all be … Continue reading