We’re Not Alone: A Brief Summary of the 2016 Synod Convention

Elected as the Pastoral Delegate for the Orlando-West Circuit of the Florida-Georgia District (FL/GA) in 2015, I attended the 2016 LCMS Synodical Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Being a Lutheran Pastor for less than two years, I needed to learn quite … Continue reading

Great Stuff — LCMS Convention: An Outsider’s Perspective

Another great post found over on Pr. Lincoln Winter’s blog, Predigtamt:   Some may argue that “Outsider” is not an apt description. But, I was not a delegate, I saw no updates on the convention until after it was finished, … Continue reading

LCMS Convention Day Four

The Fourth Day of the Convention has finished up.  The big thing today was the elections.  The United List fared very well.  Delegates weighing in the strengths of the candidates and also the trustworthiness of the list’s recommendations voted astoundingly … Continue reading

LCMS Convention Day Three – A Good day with no ugly.

Day Three of the Convention has concluded.  The convention today considered some really good stuff and passed it.  First and foremost – Licensed Lay Deacons has been dealt with in a compassionate and faithful manner.  The delegation voted by 74% … Continue reading

Convention Day Two – The Ugly

The Second Day of the LCMS Convention is over. Today saw some good things happen, including fellowship agreements and elections. By the second half of the day, a rather vocal minority began using even more parliamentary tactics to delay debate … Continue reading

Convention Day One Recap

Today was a day of elections.  The Convention considered some resolutions (including some good national and international witness matters), but the main thing that happened today was the elections.  The Convention decided to reelect the incumbent Vice Presidents (with a … Continue reading

Great Stuff — ‘Be Bold!’ Harrison exhorts church in President’s Report

Found over on blogs.lcms.org, this presentation by President Harrison is well worth 30 minutes of your time to listen to. You can also view this video on livestream here … Continue reading

Convention Day One Under Way

The 66th Regular National Convention of the LCMS is underway.  Yesterday were the floor committee meetings, and I spent some time in the room for Ecclesiastical Supervision (Dispute Resolution/Checks and Balances [12-01] and also Candidate resolutions [12-02]).  The Floor Committee … Continue reading

Convention 2016: Synod Convention Update, a helpful resource on resolutions (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Before each of the last two LCMS national conventions (2010 and 2013) I wrote in-depth, detailed analyses of all the proposed resolutions coming before the convention, and I posted those articles here on BJS. This time I haven’t done that, … Continue reading

Great Post — My Last Blog Post. You Won’t Believe What I Have To Say.

Great post by Pastor Lincoln Winter over on his blog Predigtamt (Musings of a Country Pastor):   This will be my last blog post before the LCMS convention begins in Milwaukee. (What do you mean, clickbait?) One way or another, … Continue reading

Great Stuff — The Biblical Proof for LLDs? Show me the $$$$

A great podcast over at Table Talk Radio just in time for the convention!   With the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod discussing the practice of having a deacons licensed to preach and administer the sacrament, even though Jesus doesn’t authorize them … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Rev. Christopher Esget – Growth Through Faithful Preaching, Administration, Education

Found over on SynodConvention.com. Watch that site for good information on the synod convention July 9-14 in Milwaukee.   I’m privileged to serve as the president of Immanuel Lutheran Church & School, where Christopher Esget is our senior pastor. Immanuel … Continue reading

“Milwauking Together” and other parodies (by Pr. Charles Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel)

Click the music links and sing along! It’s all in good fun. MILWAUKING TOGETHER Tune: “Happy Together” Imagine Synod-wide, I tried I think about a wonderland It’s really grand To think about us unified And holding hands Milwauking together If … Continue reading

Rev. Dr. John Sias for Secretary of the Synod — Another Encouragement

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to encourage the election of Rev. John W. Sias as Secretary of the LCMS. I have known Rev. Sias for approximately 3 ½ years, beginning with our service together on the 2013 … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Harrison announces slate for LCMS first vice-president

Found over on blogs.LCMS.org:       LCMS President/President-elect Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison has announced the five nominees who will stand for election as the Synod’s first vice-president at this summer’s LCMS convention. Fickenscher The nominees, in alphabetical order, … Continue reading

Convention 2016: The United List, a helpful guide for elections (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Last month, congregational electors re-elected Synod President Matt Harrison to another term. In a few days, convention delegates will begin electing a host of vice-presidents, officers, board members, and the like, to serve with him. Hopefully, those elected will want … Continue reading

LCMS Election 2016 – Secretary of the Synod – Rev. Dr. John Sias

There are a few elections that I would like to spotlight here at Steadfast in the coming week leading up to the Convention (if I have time).  The first one I want to focus on is for the office of … Continue reading

Lay Ministry Biblical References

Here is a post from our archives written by Pr. Martin Noland that may help with our current day issues. What are good bible references that speak against lay ministry programs? If there is someone who thinks the lay ministry … Continue reading

Guest Article — Pr. Lincoln Winter — Convention: Dealing with the Concordias

Once upon a time, only the synod could close one of our Concordia Colleges. Back in my seminary days, there was a proposal to change that. I forget the specific proposal, but it was similar to what is now in … Continue reading

Closed Communion Across the Centuries – A Quick Look at Resolution 5-15

Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod Convention proposed Resolution 5-15, titled “To Address Questions re the Sacrament of the Altar,” addresses open Communion, infant Communion, and intinction (a practice which my spell check has never heard of). It can be found in Today’s … Continue reading

New Website by Steadfast Lutherans — LCMSresolutions.org

SteadfastLutherans has developed a new website since the first issue of Today’s Business came out which contains the resolutions that will be put before the convention in July. This website is LCMSresolutions.org. The website has all the resolutions, a link … Continue reading

Great Stuff — How to talk to your Congregation’s Electors for LCMS President

Another great post over on SynodConvention.com. I’d recommend that you go there and sign up for email notifications when they publish new posts.   This coming Saturday through Tuesday (June 11-14) is the election for the President of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. … Continue reading

Vote for Synod President: How to do it, and how I’ll vote (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

It’s nearly time to elect the President of our Synod. June 11-14 is the window for eligible voters to cast their electronic ballot. Eligible voters are those from your congregation who attended your district’s 2015 convention as delegates. If you … Continue reading

Three (or Four?) More Years! Steadfast with Harrison.

This weekend, pastors and lay delegates throughout the synod will be casting votes for president of the synod. The Brothers of John the Steadfast are recommending that electors vote for Matthew Harrison. This is not a slight against any of … Continue reading

Taking a Breath

This is a guest article by Pastor Lincoln Winter   I’m not plugged in to the politics of the synod these days. I live far from Saint Louis, and spend my days tending to my parish. So, when I was … Continue reading