Brothers of John the Steadfast
  BJS National Conference

Brothers of John the Steadfast

4th Annual Conference
Getting the Gospel Doctrine to the Diaspora

Friday, February 10 - Saturday, February 11, 2012
Bethany Lutheran Church,
Naperville, IL

Conference Schedule

Friday, February 10
4 PMWelcome Reception
4:30 PM  Session 1: Pastor Jonathan Fisk, Worldview Everlasting
5:45 PMDinner
6:45 PMVespers (Preacher: Pr. David Kind)
8:30 PM"No Pietists Allowed" Parties
  • Pastor Fisk and the Ninja Cigar Party - There won�t be any incense at our vespers service but there will be plenty of smoke at the cigar party. Join Jonathan Fisk as he and his fellow BJS�ers make a stink and stir up a cloud of smoke at one of our local tobacco shops. The party starts immediately after Vespers (around 8 PM). The tobacco shop has a dozen or so comfy seats and a large selection of smokes. Fisk warns that you may not actually see the ninjas because you don�t know they are there until you are dead.

  • Quigley�s Irish Pub � Bethany Associate Pastor Stephen Schumacher will be leading a group down to the local Irish Pub to raise a few pints of Guinness. The party starts right after Vespers. Quigley�s is in quaint downtown Naperville, the home of several other establishments with few pietist patrons.

  • Chicago�s Finest Micro Brews � Our annual wine-tasting party will be at its usual place, hosted by the Gavins but instead of hoity-toity wines, we will be drinking hoity-toity micro brews. There will be three of Chicago�s finest micro brews to choose from all on tap: Goose Island �312,� Two Brothers �Prairie Path Ale,� and Two Brothers �Resistance IPA.� We are also getting a case of fine red wine and a case of fine white wine for those who don�t �hop.�

Saturday, February 11
8:00 AM"Manly Man's Breakfast" (Hosted by Pastor Rossow)
9:00 AM  Session 2: Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, Co-host: Table Talk
10:15 AMBreak
10:30 AMDivine Service (Preacher: Pr. Tom Messer)
1:00 PMBrothers of John the Steadfast Annual Report: Rev. Dr. Timothy A. Rossow - Editor and Chairman of the Board
1:15 PMSession 3: Pastor Joshua Scheer, BJS Associate Editor, Spending Time on the Internet, Good idea or Bad?
2:30 PMDismissal

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