Triglotta Catechism Released!

Steadfast Press is kicking off the new year with a new book: Enchiridion Triglotta.

Available in paperback or hardcover, this is designed for use in Classical Lutheran Schools, but will make a great addition to any library. It teaches the faith, while also helping learn the two most important theological languages outside of Holy Scripture.

Containing Luther’s text of the Catechism in matching columns, students of all ages can easily follow along. Included is the German & Latin from the Book of Concord (1580/4) and the English from the Schwan Catechism of 1905 (later used in the 1943 ‘Blue Book’).

If you are interested in ordering bulk copies for your school (10+) at a significant discount, contact our Editor in Chief for bulk pricing. We can ship direct to you. For single copies, Amazon offers quick service and free shipping.

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