Stoeckhardt Now Available!

Closing out our “New Year’s Blitz of Books” is George Stoeckhardt’s Grace Upon Grace: Gospel Sermons for the Church Year. Stoeckhardt was the finest student of Scripture in the early days of the LCMS.

His sermons are exegetically sound, practically focused, and well structured. They serve as models of what a sermon can be. But they are not wooden or fake, as most models are. These sermons show a deep love for the people hearing them, and direct them to the source of their life, Jesus.

Stoeckhardt can also serve solve the problem of “toothless law” that seems to plague our churches. Stoeckhardt has full-strength law, and follows it with full-strength Gospel. His sermons are not always comfortable to read, but as a sermon should do, they kill and make alive again. Stoeckhardt keeps the sword of the spirit sharp, and this makes his preaching more effective than much of what we see today.

Available in paperback ($12.50) or hardcover ($20), Stoeckhardt’s Sermons are a benefit to any pastor’s shelf. Order yours today!

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