“Come and See” – Advent 2022 Midweek Service Plan

This year for Advent we are going to have a lengthy season (the longest it can be). Also during this several festivals are going to happen at key days making it helpful to celebrate them during midweek services (Christians need heroes – see AC XXI and AP XXI in the Book of Concord). The focus of our series this year will be the theme “Come and See”, which is of course from John 1, where evangelism is shown as simply asking others to come and meet Christ where He can be found – for us, in His coming to us by Word and Sacrament in His present visitation of grace.

A devotion will be coming in the last half of November which will help members to grapple with evangelism to others, especially friends and family, but also the rejection that usually follows in a fallen world.

Advent 2022 – “Come and See” Midweek Service Plan

Office of Vespers (p 229)

Midweek 1 – 11/30 – Andrew – Christ gives eyes to see

Opening Hymn – 354 Arise, O Christian People

Psalm – 139:1-12

Office Hymn – 346 When All the World Was Cursed


Old Testament – Ezekiel 3:16-21

Epistle – Romans 10:8b-18

Gospel – John 1:35-42

Closing Hymn – 345 Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding

Midweek 2 – 12/7 – Phillip and Nathanael – Calling friends and family to see Jesus

Opening Hymn – 341 Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates

Psalm – 121

Office Hymn – 839 O Christ, Our True and Only Light


Old Testament – Proverbs 3:1-8

Epistle – 2 Corinthians 4:7-10

Gospel – John 1:43-51

Closing Hymn – 347 Comfort, Comfort Ye My People

Midweek 3 – 12/14 – The world refuses to see

Opening Hymn – 862 Oh, Blest the House

Psalm – 56

Office Hymn – 743 Jesus, Priceless Treasure


Old Testament – 2 Kings 19:14-20

Epistle – Romans 1:16-32

Gospel – John 9:1-41

Closing Hymn – 334 O Lord, How Shall I Meet You

Midweek 4 – 12/21 – Thomas – Seeing by believing

Opening Hymn – 332 Savior of the Nations Come

Psalm – 123

Office Hymn – 350 Come, Thou Precious Ransom Come


Old Testament – Judges 6:36-40

Epistle – Ephesians 4:7-16

Gospel – John 20:24-39

Closing Hymn – 357 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Other Service Thoughts:

Christmas Eve – Come and behold

Christmas Day – We have beheld His glory

January 6 – We have come to worship

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  1. This looks great! Do you know which artwork you will use yet for the devotional? I like to make a flyer each year and keep the artwork consistent. Thanks for these wonderful Advent resources.

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