A reminder on the change in the LCMS on the Order of Creation – guest post by Scott Diekmann

The Apology of the Book of Concord was written in 1583 by Martin Chemnitz and others. It defends the theology found in the freshly published 1580 Book of Concord from those who attacked the pure Christian doctrine immediately subsequent to its publication. I am struck by the sometimes unethical ways in which the BOC was attacked, and the disastrous theological conclusions that were reached by its detractors. Chemnitz and coauthors say of their opponents’ writings that “God will surely punish and judge this at the proper time.” Jump to the last quarter of the twentieth century. Dr. Ken Schurb, in his paper titled “The Service of Women in Congregational Offices, 1969 to 2004” offers a disturbing timeline on how the LCMS liberalized its official stance on what congregational offices women are allowed to hold. This change was accomplished by eliminating the Order of Creation as a consideration in the congregational decision process, which, in my opinion, is a grave theological error, but one that certainly pleases the spirit of the age. It also appears that this change was accomplished with less than salutary means. To again quote Chemnitz, “All devout and understanding people can judge whether this is proper and correct.” The Order of Creation is an article of faith. It is the warp and woof with which God holds the world together. Loosed from this article, we forget who we are as male and female, and ultimately who God is. Our sinful confusion is the reason for the evils of feminism, homosexuality, and transgenderism. With the LCMS District and National conventions rapidly approaching, now is the time to work on correcting this error via overtures by your congregation, circuit, and districts. Dr. Schurb’s article can be found here: https://issuesetc.org/…/upl…/2021/08/CHIQ82no3schurb.pdf.Dr. Schurb discussed this issue on Issues, Etc.; that show can be found here: https://issuesetc.org/…/2181-womans-suffrage-and-women…/.Quotes are from Martin Chemnitz, Timothy Kirchner, & Nicolaus Selnecker, Chemnitz’s Works, trans. James L. Langebartels, vol. 6, Apology or Vindication of the Christian Book of Concord (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2018) 229, 72.

6 thoughts on “A reminder on the change in the LCMS on the Order of Creation – guest post by Scott Diekmann

  1. As a woman who was a church treasurer, I would never do it again, nor recommend it for others. As more women take on more leadership roles, the men seem to leave.

  2. One cannot exercise that which one does not have. One might usurp that which one does not have, but that would be redundant.
    The simplest explanation is usually the best explanation.

  3. Cowboy Proverb:
    Life is hard enough, man; Don’t make parables out of directives.

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