Synod Convention 2019 – Reviewing Today’s Business

Dear Readers of Steadfast Lutherans,

We have been largely quiet about the coming convention of the LCMS.  Some of that is because we have decided to focus more on the theology that our people need to confess than on the Synod politics.  This shift in our focus has of course meant that we don’t comment on a lot of the “cold war” that is going on in the LCMS with parties and candidates tossing varied versions of the truth through their surrogates at the other side.  We’ve been there, done that – and don’t want to do it again.  Frankly, the theological divisions in the Synod will never be settled by political games.  The organizational and more earthly problems of the synod really won’t either.  So long as the Synod continues to look for political solutions to the problems it faces, the situation will only get worse.

Finally, with the publication of Today’s Business, we will start engaging some of the resolutions of the convention as we have time to do so.  Most of these will involve theology, and some of them will also involve some earthly wisdom as it applies to the Synod at large.  Stay tuned to the site for more information in the coming weeks.  We are hoping to cover some of our authors favorite resolutions, but also hoping to look at what the Synod wants to refer (omnibus), decline (omnibus), or outright reject (each floor committee rejects overtures).  These often can be very telling as to the nature of Synod and just what those who are making decisions want.  On top of this, you never know what we may pick up and run with.

– Pastor Scheer




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