Congregations Matter Exposed – an article by Dr. Noland and the Lutheran Concerns Association

We’ve been particularly quiet this LCMS election season – there will be some reviews of resolutions at some point, but this is a commendable article put out by Lutheran Concerns Association about the organization Congregations Matter (which Steadfast exposed a couple years ago as Jesus First rebranded).  It is republished here because it exposes the lies and deceptions that should be denounced by any honest member of the LCMS (including those men endorsed by the organization mailings).  You don’t have to be Pro-Harrison or whatever, but you should be honest and not “spin” everything to the point of violating commandments.  The LCMS can do better no matter what side(s) of the sad LCMS political spectrum you find yourself. Dr. Noland has done better.  Thank you, Dr. Noland, for clarifying and bringing some light to these darkness touting regions of the LCMS.

LCA Article “Congregations Matter Exposed” by Rev. Dr. Martin Noland

Note: As a true scholar, Dr. Noland has included over a page of notations and references.


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