Some Thoughts…Harrison, District Presidents, Special Conventions

light-bulb-1433915-mWe have already spoken about words and deeds, so here is a post about thoughts, my thoughts…

President Harrison has done a good thing by coming out publicly with his words concerning some of the false teachings in the LCMS.  He confessed boldly.  This action is a good one for starters.  I have held back my criticism (mostly born of my sinful cynicism and skepticism) of the situation because in all honesty I think what he did was praiseworthy.  I try to use that as standard operating procedure, praise what is worth praising, criticize that which needs criticizing.  Both are necessary, both can be motivated by love.

Some folks have suggested a special convention.  With 18 months to the next one [Milwaukee 2016] it seems unlikely.  For one, the expense I would imagine would be staggering, and I am not sure how fast a convention could be put together (thinking here of how long to figure out circuits/delegates, venues, accommodations, etc.).  For two, the COP has to approve such a measure with a super majority vote.  This was not even accomplished with a very sympathetic COP to President Kieschnick concerning restructuring.  Even if you grant the Harrison administration a slim majority in the COP now, it certainly does not have a super majority.  If the Convention is what people are looking for the best thing will be the next regular one in 18 months.

Some folks have suggested removing the District President of the Northwest District.  This could be a good option, if it could happen.  Reading through the bylaws makes it a confusing mess.  Is there cause according to them?  I posted the pertinent bylaws earlier which allow for this process to happen.  The result could be as disappointing as the Becker case.  President Harrison has noted how the process has failed and encouraged reform (replacement?).  The other thing about this process is that it would be conducted in relative quiet and even could be starting up now, we wouldn’t know.

For now my suggestion would be to contact your District President to show support for President Harrison’s statement and encourage them to boldly support it.  A little encouragement cannot hurt, especially when we see that bully pulpit used for the advancement of the Evangelical Lutheran Faith.

In discussion of this, keep in mind Lutheran “discipline” is always mindful toward the exercising of both keys, binding and loosing – the goal for involved parties is repentance and forgiveness – a treasured gift from God that makes angels rejoice.  This doesn’t mean compromise or agree to disagree – but the truth upheld and all parties coming to the same mind and confession by the work of the Holy Spirit.

As always prayer is the order of the day for any Christian.  God has commanded it and promised to hear it.  Our ascended Lord Jesus rules over all things with his power.





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