LCMS 2010 Convention Resolution 8-30

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Congregations Walking Together in Mission with Covenants of Love
To Amend Article VI of the Constitution

RESOLUTION 8-30 (line 33)

TF Report (CW TFR, pp. 21–22); (CW TFR A, 1.5–.6); Overtures 8-16, 8-46–48 (CW, pp. 227, 237)

WHEREAS, Its requirements for membership reflect the identity and the values of the Synod; and

WHEREAS, The ministers of religion–ordained and the ministers of religion–commissioned of the Synod have an important role and responsibility in the life of the church; and

WHEREAS, Membership in the Synod carries clear expectations; and

WHEREAS, The LCMS is made up of congregations from a great diversity of cultural contexts, calling for an appropriate measure of flexibility in communicating the saving message of the Gospel; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Synod in convention approve the changes to Article VI of the Constitution as shown (“2007 Handbook Convention Version,” TB, p. 161).

Changes to the Constitution are found lines 17-51 on page 161. I’m attempting to find a good way to copy the strikeout text here.

Article VI

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