Where do Ablaze!® funds go? (Mollie)

According to the LCMS Web site, “Ablaze! ® began as a vision of LCMS World Mission to involve every member of the LCMS, its partner church bodies, and partner mission agencies in one focused and concentrated effort to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know Him.”

But what are Ablaze! ® funds used for? In the South Eastern District’s Circuit 9, the mission committee will be voting on Saturday, October 4th on a grant application for Ablaze! ® funds.

Let’s look at what the funds are going for.

Let me just give you the “full name of the ministry” as it says on the application form:

Cub Scout Pack 95

Now, I have no problem with the Boy Scouts. My husband was one and he found the experience a good one. I can certainly see the communitarian benefits of hosting a Cub Scout pack.

But there should be no confusion about the benefit of hosting a Cub Scout pack in your community room and the declared “LCMS World Mission vision” of sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Christ. We’re bringing home missionaries so we can fund Cub Scout packs? Really?

And how many notches will the Ablaze! ® counter go up for this?

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