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Welcome to the website of Brothers of John the Steadfast. On this page will be found information and news about the operation of this site — how to make the most effective use of this site and information on any changes we are planning. There’s a small FAQ section below; feel free to suggest additions to it.

Again, this is information about the site, not about the content on the site. If you have questions on how to comment, how to effectively read the articles, or anything related to your interacting with the site, this is the place to be.


July 20, 2009 – we have made the gravatar icons largers so they are easier to see, and moved the comment identification above the comment rather than below it. The font size of comments has also been made a bit larger.

10/15/08 – You may have noticed that any bible references are now underlined; if you mouseover these links, a window will pop up with the reading right there! You may click on the link to go and see the passage more fully. Try it here: John 3:16. We are using RefTagger from Logos to provide this functionality.

09/06 – We are investigating using feedBlitz to send emails to readers when new articles are posted to the site. Read more information here. Comments or ideas of other features to use are welcome!

09/02 – Because we are currently receiving 900+ spam comments a day on this site, and the number is only going up (it was 500 just a few days ago), we are going to move to requiring User Registration to comment on this site. Read or comment about it here.

08/22 – To make it easier to add a link to us on your website, we’ve generated the “Promote Us” page that’s available on a link on all pages on this site.

08/15 – Our Confessions Self Test has been updated to actually evaluate your answer and tell you what you got right, what you got wrong, and explain the correct answer. It’s worth another look — click here to take the test. We hope to have additional tests available on a regular basis. We know we are behind schedule on getting tests updated on this site.

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If you have comments on additional features that would make it easier for you to interact with this site, feel free to reply to Norm Fisher or any member of the Steering Committee.

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