About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.

Advent 2016 – with a Reformation Series

Coming up in a little over a month, the new Church Year gets started with Advent.  It is a very common thing to have a midweek service in the congregation with a special theme.  This year, for Steadfast in the … Continue reading

Proposed Catechism Explanation Revision – Commandments 7-10.

General comments The “Central Thought” could be helpful but the questions involved in this section turns the focus on the student’s experience of the Law rather than what God says in the Law.  Perhaps the questions could be combined towards … Continue reading

Saturday morning – 9:30 AM central…watch the debate

Tune in: https://www.cuchicago.edu/lca-live   Watch the debate.  Enjoy theological discussion. … Continue reading

Montgomery-Kloha Debate to be livestreamed. Stay tuned for more information.

First of all, thanks to the Lutheran Concerns Association for heading up the organization of this debate.  Thanks to Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Kloha for agreeing to do it.  The other co-sponsoring groups also for their support of the event … Continue reading

Lutheran Theologians to Debate Textual Criticism of the Bible

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University Wisconsin and Dr. Jeffrey John Kloha, Provost and Professor of Exegetical Theology at Concordia Semniary, Saint Louis, will conduct a debate about the philosophies of Biblical textual criticism … Continue reading

Get ready for the Reformation in a new T-shirt

Everyone is seemingly getting ready for the Reformation. Augustana Lutheran Church in Hickory, North Carolina has created these shirts and are making them available to Brothers of John the Steadfast readers. The image is set on the front of the … Continue reading

LCMS Convention Day Four

The Fourth Day of the Convention has finished up.  The big thing today was the elections.  The United List fared very well.  Delegates weighing in the strengths of the candidates and also the trustworthiness of the list’s recommendations voted astoundingly … Continue reading

LCMS Convention Day Three – A Good day with no ugly.

Day Three of the Convention has concluded.  The convention today considered some really good stuff and passed it.  First and foremost – Licensed Lay Deacons has been dealt with in a compassionate and faithful manner.  The delegation voted by 74% … Continue reading

Convention Day Two – The Ugly

The Second Day of the LCMS Convention is over. Today saw some good things happen, including fellowship agreements and elections. By the second half of the day, a rather vocal minority began using even more parliamentary tactics to delay debate … Continue reading

Convention Day Two – The Good.

Day two of the National Convention of the LCMS has concluded.  Today had some really good results in elections.  The new Secretary of the Synod is going to be Rev. Dr. John Sias.  He will be able to serve our … Continue reading

Convention Day One Recap

Today was a day of elections.  The Convention considered some resolutions (including some good national and international witness matters), but the main thing that happened today was the elections.  The Convention decided to reelect the incumbent Vice Presidents (with a … Continue reading

Convention Day One Under Way

The 66th Regular National Convention of the LCMS is underway.  Yesterday were the floor committee meetings, and I spent some time in the room for Ecclesiastical Supervision (Dispute Resolution/Checks and Balances [12-01] and also Candidate resolutions [12-02]).  The Floor Committee … Continue reading

LCMS Election 2016 – Secretary of the Synod – Rev. Dr. John Sias

There are a few elections that I would like to spotlight here at Steadfast in the coming week leading up to the Convention (if I have time).  The first one I want to focus on is for the office of … Continue reading

Harrison wins re-election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Bylaws of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) instruct the Secretary of the Synod to notify the candidates in the Synod’s presidential election of the results of the balloting at least two weeks prior to the convention. … Continue reading

Checks and Balances are a good thing for governance

I am a Senior Pastor.  I not only am responsible by Divine Call for preaching, teaching, baptizing, absolving, and communing, but according to human arrangement I am also to lead, develop, supervise, and other things of an administrative nature. With … Continue reading

Pastor Wolfmueller weighs in on President Harrison

Pastor Lawrence White once called the Missouri Synod convention a “Tri-Annual Armageddon.” All the synodical hopes and fears of all the years will meet, this summer, in Milwaukee, and as with every convention, the devil try to lead us into … Continue reading

Three (or Four?) More Years! Steadfast with Harrison.

This weekend, pastors and lay delegates throughout the synod will be casting votes for president of the synod. The Brothers of John the Steadfast are recommending that electors vote for Matthew Harrison. This is not a slight against any of … Continue reading

What the picture doesn’t show (fatherhood and a Synodical President)

This is a post from the past that shows the kind of Synod President we have.   Since BJS is dedicated to helping restore fatherhood, I thought I would share a moment from the BJS Conference this past weekend.  While … Continue reading

Neo-Monasticism, Lay Ministry, and Korah

Monasticism was one of the very things that the Reformation fought against by teaching the truth of God’s Word about vocation over and against the self-chosen good works of the papist monks.  Well, almost 500 years later we are still … Continue reading

Licensed Lay Whatchamacallit? Let Gottesdienst help you understand the issue.

This year’s convention of the LCMS has a few key issues.  One of them is the issue of Lay Ministry, allowed in the LCMS officially since 1989 in opposition to the plain teaching of the Augsburg Confession (Article XIV).  To … Continue reading

Pr. Wolfmueller on Bumper Sticker Theology and the Anti-Catechism

The congregation I serve has a speaker come every year for an afternoon and teach on an evangelism related topic.  This year, Pastor Wolfmueller was invited up to speak on the topic of “bumper sticker theology”, which of course has … Continue reading

Steadfast Readers like good theology, good beer, good scotch, and they should have good coffee as well.

You can have theology any time of the day.  However other gifts of God have their appropriate time.  In the morning, when you rise making the sign of the cross you may still be a little groggy and need a … Continue reading

Driving on Sunday is a First Article Gift

Editor’s Note:  Go and check out this new Lutheran site Driving on Sunday.   I hear it all the time. “The world is falling apart. Kyrie Eleison” Our eyes are blasted with images we wish we could forget (a megachurch … Continue reading

A Conference on Faithfulness to AC XIV — Go if you can!

Gottesdienst, one of the best online and print Lutheran organizations out there is hosting a conference on Tuesday, May 17th in St. Louis for anyone that can go.  The theme is a great one for the Evangelical Lutheran Church – … Continue reading

Candidates get a turn.

We have seen what the 3-10A Task Force came up with – nothing decisive or substantial.  You can read the original resolution, report, and President Harrison’s letter asking for more input here. Instead, President Harrison is using his authority to … Continue reading