Update on CUW – Synod Visitation coming

There’s been a lot of things coming out about CUW. The best news is that Synod President Matthew Harrison has announced that next week a visitation will take place at CUW involving a special visitation team. That is something worth thanking President Harrison for.

The announcement in the Reporter Online

Here’s the announcement of the coming visitation sent from Interim President Cario to Concordia, Wisconsin:

The dispute resolution process has also been engaged according to statements made by Concordia. This means that South Wisconsin District President John Wille is also at work, but as the DRP is meant to be confidential we likely will not hear anything about it. Remember all of the former Confessional efforts to change DRP and bring back adjudication?

On top of this here are some other things:

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There are numerous more for you to search as the whole situation has been taken up by conservative media for the progressive infestation of the college, and by other media for the academic freedom topic concerning the treatment of Dr. Schulz.

9 thoughts on “Update on CUW – Synod Visitation coming

  1. …supervise the doctrine taught and practiced at all Synod universities…

  2. Dear Pastor Scheer,
    Thanks very much for keeping us informed about the situation at CUW-AA! —– I have a lot of friends throughout the USA, most all in the LC-MS, who are graduates of Milwaukee, Mequon, or Ann Arbor! To say that we (i.e., me and my friends) deeply care about these schools, their faculty, their staff, and students is an understatement. We know what Martin Luther said about the importance of schools and colleges to both the church and civil society in his 1524 essay “To the Councilmen. . .” and 1530 essay “A Sermon on Keeping Children in Schools.” In both essays, Luther explains at length how much the devil hates Christian schools, and if he can’t destroy them, he will corrupt them. Of course, it makes sense for the devil to hate these schools, Luther says, because they produce men and women who know the devil’s tricks and lies, and who become his biggest enemies throughout their lives. Any person who claims to be Lutheran needs to read or re-read those essays right now. Before it is too late. —— The issue as I see it is that our Concordia Universities should be encouraging their students to draw from the two-thousand year heritage of Christian thought to address current social issues, with the Bible as the norm for doctrinal and ethical issues. If they don’t do that, why do they exist? Our Concordias do not exist to parrot the current philosophies or ideologies of either the left or the right or the middle. They should CERTAINLY not be mouthpieces for false theology, like liberation theology of any type. They should be Christian schools, and that means they should have a unique perspective to give light to all of life, society, government, laws, etc.—– I am holding the Board of Regents at CUW-AA (at least the majority of the board) primarily responsible for the current state of affairs. As far as I can tell, they have violated their fiduciary responsibility when it comes to the purpose of those schools. If any member of those Regents cannot support the synodically-mandated purposes of our Concordias, they should resign immediately. That would be the honest thing to do. I await the report of President Harrison’s visitation. Thanks again, Pastor Scheer, for your work in shedding light on this situation and for all your work with the Steadfast Lutherans, including coming to the aid of Issues, etc. fourteen years ago. The Rev. Martin R. Noland, Grace Lutheran Church, San Mateo, California (Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1996).

  3. Pastor Sheer, Is it my web browser (I have tried 2 different web browsers) or is it your website have this black background (Dark theme throughout) for your forms with white text? It makes it extremely difficult to read and post. Also, when trying to contact you directly, the form that you make available, seems to be broken?

  4. Pastor Noland,
    Thanks for your response…As the District conventions are upcming, I am hoping this issue is taken up…Are there ways to have this added to the district conventions? I’ll be attending as an elder at the Michigan District this June.

  5. Dear Mr. Winter,
    District conventions deal with business that comes from floor committees, who receive items for the agenda from district boards (reports), district commissions (reports), and in the form of overtures from congregations and other entities (see current Bylaws and 4.2.1). You may ask your congregation to submit an overture to your district convention. You cannot submit an overture yourself, as an individual. It has to be submitted by your congregation, although you may write it. Deadlines are looming and would be posted on your district’s website, in the tab or section dealing with conventions. If your overture is too late, it will be categorized as a “Late Overture,” which often do not get action due to time constraints. “Late Overtures” which the president or the convention deem to be of sufficient importance may be “moved up” in the agenda. You have to follow Robert’s Rules to get that done. I hope this helps a bit.

  6. Is the fact that Pres. Harrison et al is attending to the CUW situation reason for nothing being mentioned about it in The Reporter’s coverage of the COP’s meeting in Santa Fe? Since the DRP is in effect, I assume that the various DP’s couldn’t address the matter. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. David there are multiple processes at work. The DRP if in action would be handled by the District President of the South Wisconsin District. That is usually done in secret.

    The review of the college is being done by the President of the Synod. This can also involve other boards like the CUS Board and BOD of synod. Certainly a report of the visitation is to be expected since the visitation was publicly announced. The actions required to deal with whatever facts are established will be likely in those various authorities hands. The Synod in Convention also can take action (while in convention).

    The Presidential search is also still underway and has another set of rules.

  8. Thanks. Well, we will see how the squeaky wheel turns on this. Continuing to pray for Dr. Schulz and all involved who courageously confess Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

  9. We need to have an ecclesiastical court. These things should be open with due process and rules governing evidence, etc. We all have a stake in the outcome.

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