New site up and running.

A few weeks ago we announced that Steadfast Lutherans had been asked to take over management of At that time we had to revert the site back to a throwback version. After some weeks of labor, the site is back up to a new, updated version. Go and check it out.

This first edition of the update is just that, a first edition. There are functions and features that are already scheduled to be done on the new site in the weeks and months to come. This site will help preserve the Book of Concord online for years to come.

For those of you who enjoyed using the old version originally developed by Mr. Norm Fisher with Paul McCain, we have the throwback version at for your use.

Many thanks go our development team – Rev. Matthew Dent, Mr. Chris Geu, and Mr. Remy Sheppard. Also thanks belong to the family/estate of Paul McCain, who requested Steadfast to take back management of the site.

9 thoughts on “New site up and running.

  1. Dmitry. Thanks. That one slipped through.

    There’s a contact form on the site to give feedback as we get it rolling, especially as new features get launched.

  2. The new site looks great! Can’t wait to dig deeper into it!
    Great work done by all those involved.

  3. Looks great! Will you re-institute the weekly readings from the B of C – those designed as bulletin inserts? My congregation loves them!

  4. Realizing that there is a link somewhere for feedback but the image of Chemnitz on the link to the Epitome and Andreae on the link to the Solid Declaration should be swapped with each other. Andreae wrote the Epitome, and Chemnitz the Solid Declaration.

  5. Nicely done and thank you. It would be good to restore the links paragraph-level permalinks.

  6. Oh, my! It has been a LONG time since I was at this site. What is with the almost black background and light gray headings? AND darker black dates? Is this a plan to make this site difficult to read? That is what is happening IMHO!
    Sad to see!

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