2022 Lenten Series – Service Plan

As we have year by year been moving through the Small Catechism, this year our Lenten series is going to be on Confession and Absolution. The theme is “As if Christ Our Dear Lord Dealt with Us Himself” confessing the very words of the Catechism.

A devotion will be released in February for use in parishes and homes.

Here is the service plan for the series.

Ash Wednesday

Normal Propers

Lent Midweek 2 – 3/9/22. What is confession. [ABSOLUTION]

Opening Hymn 609

Psalm 32

Office Hymn 614


            1 John 1:5-2:6

            Luke 7:36-50

Closing Hymn 453

Lent Midweek 3 – 3/16/22. What sins should we confess. [CONFESSION]

Opening Hymn 614

Psalm 51

Office Hymn 608


            2 Samuel 11:1-12:25

Closing Hymn 766

Lent Midweek 4 – 3/23/22 Which are these [EXAMINATION]

Opening Hymn 614

Psalm 19

Office Hymn 439:1-7


            Deuteronomy 5:1-21

            Luke 3:1-20

Closing Hymn 439:8-15

Lent Midweek 5 – 3/30/22 Office of the keys [CHURCH]

Opening Hymn 614

Psalm 130

Office Hymn 607


            Matthew 18:1-35

            John 20:19-23

Closing Hymn 440

Lent Midweek 6 – 4/6/22 What do you believe according to these words [MINISTRY]

Opening Hymn 614

Psalm 118

Office Hymn 616


            Matthew 16:13-28

            John 20:19-23

Closing Hymn 438

Holy Week

Normal Propers

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