Advent 2021 – Devotional Now Available – “For Whom the Lord Loves, He Chastens – An Advent Through Malachi”

The devotional for this year’s observance of Advent is ready to be printed or purchased.

As has become the custom here, each day in Advent will have a Bible reading, a short devotional, and a prayer. This year the readings and devotions will take their course through the structure of the book of Malachi as the Lord’s prophet preaches on the love of God, faithless worship, faithless marriages, and faithless offerings. Malachi is a prophet calling God’s people to repent. He is also preparing the way for John the Baptist and of course our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year’s authors: Rev. Marcus Baikie; Rev. Travis Berg; Rev. Paul Cain; Rev. Joshua Scheer

Thank you to this year’s art designer, Rev. Roberto Rojas Jr.

Here are the various editions…

PDF File (color)

Purchase a softcover copy on Amazon ($3.99)

Purchase a copy for Kindle ($2.99)

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