Will Concordia, New York get out of its Probationary status? Time will tell.

According to their own website, Concordia New York is in trouble. They are on probationary status with their accreditation organization. The reason for the probation is “issues of assessment and fiscal sustainability”.

Here is the statement in response.

Here is the page for updates at Concordia, New York.

Some requirements were submitted for review on March 1st. We should know sometime soon how this process went. Whether the Synod will tell us or some outside reporter will is still up in the air.

2 thoughts on “Will Concordia, New York get out of its Probationary status? Time will tell.

  1. Is Concordia New York theologically conservative/confessional Lutheran, and, if so, what is the basis for saying that?

  2. I deeply hope and pray they are able to overcome this and effect the necessary changes at their institution.

    Many schools across the country are facing enrollment decreases due to declining demographics of potential students and a strong economy, when males in particular often choose to enter the workforce or go to technical school rather than attend college. A convenience store chain in our area has signs in the men’s restrooms recruiting maintenance personnel starting at $75,000 per year, and they will pay all expenses and a salary while studying to send you to technical school to qualify.

    Having worked in student recruitment, such a probationary status, which the school is required to disclose, would present a significant challenge in that area. My prayers are with Dr. Nunes and all who are laboring to meet this challenge.

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