Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary – the “Northern Option” for training to be a pastor

Editors Note: If you enjoy some of the articles on Steadfast over the years, chances are you have encountered articles written by a graduate of Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary.  No, not St. Louis.  No, not Fort Wayne.  Canada.  Yes, they train some very faithful pastors up there.  As our Lord bids us to pray for laborers for the harvest, please consider this announcement from CLTS.

(c)Thomas M Winger

Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary: “The Northern Option”. Chances are you have never heard of CLTS, a daughter of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. Located just 20 minutes from the US border, we are an international confessional Lutheran seminary that offers traditional and classical Lutheran formation and education. Small class sizes, high academic standards, outstanding professors and Canadian prices are only a few reasons as to why you ought to check us out. If you can find your way here for a visit, we will cover your other expenses–and you’ll get a chance to tour Niagara Falls. What’s stopping you?


Get more information at their website:


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