A new site, and a jubilee on comments

The look around here has been freshened up a lot. Since 2018 we have been running on technological fumes just trying to keep the place going. It seems like we have caught a breath of fresh air and updated the site. We will hopefully continue to roll out new features in the months to come, but this site will actually allow us to do that. You may notice the random Lutheran images for articles which you can treat like a slot machine in refreshing your screen (three Walthers in a row wins a prize – not really).

One of the areas on the site you may want to look at is the list of “Other Quality Content” which is a great list of Confessional Lutheran sites, podcasts, and resources. Some of them have connections to us, some don’t, but they all have a reputation for producing faithful content.

Along with the site refresh, we also had a jubilee of sorts here at Steadfast. We took the last 12 years of comments (117,483 of them) and wiped them out. They are gone. This was to help free up space and make the site work better, but it also allows for us to let those comments pass into and out of memory a little better. We all know how comment sections can get and we had largely fixed that here around 2015 with the implementation of our comment policy which is still in force. Comments are still welcome, but it is nice to see those old comments gone in some ways.

Stick around and read some content, pay attention for new stuff coming. We are glad to have you as readers.

4 thoughts on “A new site, and a jubilee on comments

  1. The new site is pretty well done. I have a question and comments.

    Could the “dark mode” be made optional as a concession to those of us who have particular vision problems related to white on black text pages? Also, the conversion to black text on white background while printing pages on macOS leads to low contrast gray text instead of black making other visual difficulties.

    The search results are difficult to use for some purposes for two reasons:
    1. The ‘Posted On’ date does not display the year.
    2. For searches with copious results a tabular format without the large graphics and white space would be easier to parse visually. It is easy for one to lose context going through dozens of pages of search results. For example, search for ‘liturgy’.

  2. I, myself, have made more than a few careless and intemperate comments over the years. I’m glad to see them disappear!

  3. So, if I wished to retract my error concerning T.R.’s Baptism, Part 1 post, it is too late, (Sero est). I’ll consider myself absolved.

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