Lutherans in Africa celebrates graduations and ordinations.

The Lutheran School of Theology has put out some graduates who have just been ordained for the Word and Sacrament ministry their training was geared around.  When dollars are given to LIA, this is the end result – preaching of the Word, administration of the Sacraments for the sake of Africans.  This has often been the attraction of Lutherans in Africa for Lutherans who despise either the past unLutheran missions or even the bureaucratically-driven and oft mercy-distracted missions of more recent times – the diligent focus of LIA upon real mission work.  Lutherans in Africa, and the Lutheran School of Theology are focused on making preachers of the Gospel.  Let’s give thanks to God for such devoted missions.

Perhaps you want to donate to the good Gospel-centered mission work going on over in Africa.  To do so, see the right column on their site.

The first ordination ceremony was in Nyachenge for Zebedo Masenge and Josphat Makori. Please keep them in your prayers.

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