A Lay Delegate Report on the 2019 LCMS Synod Convention

The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod holds a synod-wide convention every three years. The convention receives reports, elects leaders, votes on proposed resolutions, worships, hears essays, receives greetings, gives recognitions, and brings people together in both formal and informal social functions.

As in 2016, the Eastern Circuit of the Montana District elected me as its voting lay delegate to the 2019 convention. As part of my duties, I have prepared a written report to my circuit and congregation. Hopefully this report gives even a person with little or no background concerning the synod convention a well-rounded idea of what the convention does.

A copy of the report is linked here, and covers the following topics:

  • Pre-Convention Work
  • Convention Workbook and Today’s Business
  • Floor Committees
  • Biographical Synopses & Statements of Nominees
  • Handbook
  • Daily Worship
  • Convention Essays
  • Election of Synod President
  • Election of Officers of Synod
  • Elections for Synod Agencies
  • Greetings, Recognitions, and Reports
  • Resolutions
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Social Functions
  • Outcomes
  • Division
  • Closing of Concordia school in Alabama
  • Conclusion

2019 LCMS Convention Report

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