“Patrick’s Places” Published

In 2016, I wrote a brief biographical piece about Sir Patrick Hamilton, the first Lutheran martyr in Scotland. I had hoped to modernize his theological commonplaces as a later piece for our readers here, but as is often the case for me, “side” projects pile up on the shelf and don’t get finished (read: I’m a bit undisciplined). However, Rev. Don Matzat, previously of Issues, Etc., found Master Patrick’s treatise and updated it himself, in hopes that Patrick Hamilton’s work could be enjoyed by his theological descendants today. This afternoon, I held the book in my hand. Words cannot describe the joy I had as I paged through it.

I’d like to recommend that you consider adding this to your library. It’s a rather short read, but it’s also a helpful insight into the Lutheran roots of the Reformation in Scotland. You can purchase it here for $3.99 for a hard copy (or $2.99 for the Kindle Edition). Blessings on your theological studies in 2019!

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