Lent 2019 Series – Lent with the Lord’s Commands – Midweek Service Plan

This year and for the coming years we are going to use the occasional midweek services as an attempt to better catechize our people.  Stemming off of the success of last year’s The Lord’s Prayer in the Lord’s Passion we are using this year to teach the Ten Commandments.  A daily devotional is being worked on to complement this theme.



“Lent with the Lord’s Commands”

The plan is first designed with Vespers in mind (with added opening and closing hymns because Lutherans like to sing).  Hymn numbers are from Lutheran Service Book.  Normal propers are expected to be used for Ash Wednesday and Holy Week services.  For the Office Hymn, you may also want to capitalize on the catechetical theme and use LSB 581 “These are the Holy Ten Commands” either in its entirety or with selected stanzas fitting for that week’s focus.

Ash Wednesday (March 6)

Use normal propers


Midweek 1 (March 13)

First Commandment

Opening Hymn: 694

Psalm: 81

Office Hymn: 438

OT Lesson:  Exodus 32:1-35

Gospel Lesson: John 8:31-59

Closing Hymn: 708


Midweek 2 (March 20)

Second and Third Commandments

Opening Hymn: 902

Psalm: 138

Office Hymn: 615

OT Lesson: 1 Kings 18:20-40

Gospel Lesson: John 5:1-18

Closing Hymn: 890


Midweek 3 (March 27)

Fourth and Fifth Commandments

Opening Hymn: 862

Psalm: 139

Office Hymn: 453

OT Lesson: 2 Samuel 15:1-14

Gospel Lesson: Luke 10:25-37

Closing Hymn: 768


Midweek 4 (April 3)

Sixth and Seventh Commandments

Opening Hymn: 730

Psalm: 45

Office Hymn: 448

OT Lesson: 2 Samuel 11:1-27

Gospel Lesson: Luke 19:1-10

Closing Hymn: 422


Midweek 5 (April 10)

Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Commandments

Opening Hymn: 696

Psalm: 15

Office Hymn: 685

OT Lesson: 1 Kings 21:1-29

Gospel Lesson: Mark 14:53-72

Closing Hymn: 420


Holy Week

Use normal propers


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