Lutherans in Africa Nears Completion of Library and Massive Translation Lab

The new library under construction

Lutherans in Africa (LIA) is forming Africans to be teachers of the faith and to that end, we are building a new Lutheran School of Theology in the bush just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. We also continue to hold teaching seminars throughout the continent at the bequest of Lutheran bishops in numerous countries.

The new library is the centerpiece of the new Lutheran School of Theology. The school will eventually be built out to include nearly 20 buildings. Two are complete (administrative office building and guest house) and two are nearing completion (library and Director’s home).

This is an Ethiopian student memorizing the Small Catechism. The lower floor of the library shown here is already being used for classes.

Each of the two floors has 4,300 square feet of floor space. The first floor of the library will include classrooms, lounge and study areas, and space for the 30,000 plus volumes required to be an accredited library in Kenya. Thanks to your donations we are well on our way to getting those 30,000 volumes but we still need your help.

The second floor of the library is a translation lab. LIA works hand in glove with the Lutheran Heritage Foundation to translate and distribute Confessional Lutheran materials throughout Africa in several languages. We will share more on the history and work of LIA in future posts.

Lutherans in Africa is supported by donations from the conservative Lutheran diocese in Finland, members of Lutheran Church Australia and primarily from your donations here in the USA. If you would like to have a Mission Sunday or a weeknight presentation on the work of LIA contact our Development Director,  Rev. Dr. Tim Rossow. He travels the entire country sharing the work of LIA. You can also contact him if you would like to donate books for the library ([email protected]).

To make a cash donation you can go to or mail a check to Lutherans in Africa, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 7500 State Rd., Parma, Ohio  44134.

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