Speakers and Schedule for 2019 Steadfast Lutherans Orlando Conference

We have our speakers and schedule for the Orlando Conference (Feb 22-23, 2019).

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Presenters and Papers:

  • John Preus—The World wants Ugly Women (Feminism)
  • Andy Richard—The World wants Numbers (Evangelism)
  • Andrew Preus—The World wants You (Temptation)
  • Robbie Rojas—The World wants the World (Arrogance)
  • Joshua Scheer – The World wants Your Church (Unfaithfulness)

Tentative Schedule


• 12:00–12:30 – Registration
• 12:30–12:45 – Opening Prayer
• 12:45–2:15 – The World Wants You (Andrew Preus)
• 2:15–2:30 – Break
• 2:30–4:00 – The World Wants the World (Roberto E. Rojas, Jr.)
• 4:00–4:45 – Vespers Service
• 4:45 – Reception


• 8:30–9:15 – Matins Service
• 9:15–10:30 – The World Wants Numbers (Andy Richard)
• 10:30–10:45 – Break
• 10:45–12:00 – The World Wants Ugly Women (John Preus)
• 12:00–1:30 – Lunch
• 1:30–2:45 – The World Wants Your Church (Joshua Scheer)
• 2:45–3:00 – Break
• 3:00–3:45 – Panel Discussion (Q&A)
• 3:45–4:00 – Closing Prayer
• 4:00 – Dismissal


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About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


Speakers and Schedule for 2019 Steadfast Lutherans Orlando Conference — 3 Comments

  1. A suggestion for John Preus: change the title of his presentation to something positive and non-inflammatory. How about, “Women: Made Beautiful By God”?

    I just had a long debate with Pastor Andrew Preus, and one of the things we discussed was “feminism.”

    If you define “feminism” as “all the ways the world’s views on women contradict the Word of God,” then, of course, “feminism” is bad by definition. But that’s too simple.

    In the world at large, “feminism” has many meanings. To many, it simply means the general philosophy that women should be treated equally with men. As a general idea, few would quarrel with simple fairness.

    The 19th Amendment. Equal pay for equal work. “Rosie the Riveter.” The League of Women Voters. Apple-pie stuff.

    To most Christians, it is self-evident that God made humanity male and female, and that both sexes reflect his image and should receive equal respect and dignity. That it is wrong to degrade or discriminate against a woman, merely because she is female.

    Have some feminists espoused extreme views? Of course. We could all cite examples. But fringe cases don’t invalidate the rightness of the general movement to treat women fairly in our society.

    When our country was founded, women could not vote. No colleges admitted women. Most girls were denied admission to most professions. Married women had few if any property rights. Divorce and custody laws heavily favored the father. Wife-beating was widely tolerated.

    Many (male) thinkers openly declared women inferior to men, less intelligent than men, etc.

    Over time, we have come to see that most of those things are simple bigotry.

    Please don’t lump all “feminism” into the “deplorable” category. Let’s not throw out the baby of justice with the bathwater of extremism!

    Plus, using “anti-feminist” rhetoric (like Rush Limbaugh using the term “Feminazis”) is ugly and unnecessary.

    It makes outsiders think “All Lutherans are anti-woman, male-chauvinist pigs.” Which is as unfair as decrying all feminists as bra-burning, screeching radicals bent on promoting abortion!

    Christians should be champions of women’s dignity and rights. Jesus certainly always treated women with respect and love.

  2. I like John’s title. I’m looking forward to hearing it. To give you a little preview, James, it is about what true beauty is. The world doesn’t respect women, even if it boasts in certain benefits. The world flaunts what it finds beautiful, but God sees what the world can’t see. The theme of the conference is purely polemical. It is that friendship with the world is enmity with God, and it is meant to be an encouragement to Christians who are increasingly marginalized, and this specifically is geared toward Christian women, to encourage them that what the world wants really is ugly women, not beautiful women. So don’t be discouraged by the worldly standards of beauty. As the Proverbs say, like a golden ring in the snout of a swine is a beautiful woman without discretion.

    Feminism is a movement of (wo)men. That’s why I have nothing good to say about it, even if I am glad that my wife was able to receive a higher education. Good Christians would have promoted that without the feminist movement. The feminist movement is like all other progressive movements. They are no more virtuous than a movement that happens in the morning after a couple cups of coffee. I couldn’t care less about their vain accomplishments. I know how to treat my wife and daughters and sisters because of God’s Word. I will throw out feminism and keep what ever is purified by God’s Word. Because all things are made holy by the Word of God and prayer.

  3. “The theme of the conference is purely polemical”–but it doesn’t have to be. You can express what you have to say without the ugly rhetoric. If you are winsome, you can “win some.”

    “Feminism is a movement of (wo)men”–what does THAT mean? That feminist women aren’t really women? That feminist men aren’t really men?

    “Good Christians would have promoted that without the feminist movement”–first of all, they didn’t, for at least 1,800 years. How long were women supposed to wait for justice? Second of all, lots of “good Christians” were and are part of the feminist movement! Third of all, a love for justice is not unique to Christians!

    Comparing all progressive movements to a bowel movement–Pastor, that’s disgusting. After all your courtesy to me in our earlier exchange, I am surprised at you!

    I explicitly agreed that there are some wrong-headed extremes in the feminist movement, but urged Christians to get behind mainstream, obvious accomplishments of the movement, such as woman suffrage, equal pay for equal work, equal job opportunity, fairness in property laws, fairness in divorce and custody laws, banning spousal abuse. What on earth is wrong with admitting that those things are good?

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