Concordia Irvine Professor and 1517.® (Not 1580!) Author says “Thank God for evolution indeed!”

It may be time to look into Concordia University Irvine a little though I suspect the administration just didn’t know about this professor.  It seems that one of their professors has written an article for 1517.® titled “Thank God for Evolution“.  Yes, the title of their article is trying to gain clicks for their site (1517 is not 1580… not even close [evidenced by the period after the number by a feat of irony!]).  Here is a good quote which shows some of the 1517.® Gospel Reductionistic story:

If we could stop worrying so much about the age of the Earth, the status of humanity in the biological sciences, design inferences, historical or non-historical Adams, and a host of other problems that seem to arise from the current state of the biological sciences, trusting that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the author and perfecter of our faith, then one realizes that all the important facts begin and end in the middle of the Bible. It may seem counterintuitive, but Christians begin and end with Jesus, NOT the beginning of created time or from the eternal outside of time. From the shade of the cross, we can confidently look back to the beginning and glimpse the eternal. From the dying, yet victorious cry from the cross, “It is finished,” we may be able to see Christ working through the biological sciences bringing outsiders and reminding insiders where our security and salvation is anchored. If we remove a few cognitive planks from our own eyes, we may even be able to serve our evolutionary neighbor. Thank God for evolution indeed!

This is strikingly similar to the promotion of evolutionary conversation we witnessed last summer in Concordia Journal.  Maybe “It’s Time” for some more pastoral conference resolutions!

Concordia University – Irvine can be reached here.

The Pacific Southwest District of the LCMS can be reached here.

The Office of the President of the LCMS can be reached here.


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