2019 Orlando Conference – What the World Wants…

Readers of Steadfast – We are happy to announce that our Conference in Orlando is set for February 22-23, 2019 at Zion New Life Lutheran Church in Winter Garden, FL (Orlando area).  This will be our second conference at Zion and look forward to it.  The theme for this conference is “What the World Wants” and will provide more speakers than we have featured in our recent conferences.  Folks are invited to come and learn with us on keeping Steadfast in the face of all the pressures happening in the home, church, and state to depart from the faith once delivered to the saints.

Presenters and Papers:

  • John Preus—The World wants Ugly Women (Feminism)
  • Andy Richard—The World wants Numbers (Triumphalism)
  • Andrew Preus—The World wants You (Temptation)
  • Robbie Rojas—The World wants the World (Arrogance)
  • Joshua Scheer – The World wants Your Church (Unfaithfulness)


To register for the conference go to our registration site.


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