Now in print — “Be at Leisure: A Lutheran Approach to Outreach” by Rev. Andrew Richard

In our present day of fear mongering to scare Christians into action “Be at Leisure” is a traditional and refreshing approach to “outreach”.  It’s a short read, but should prove quite helpful for the average Lutheran looking to gain a better understanding of outreach for their congregation.

We continue to publish chapters for free (we just aren’t in this for the money folks) but now you can get print copies from  We are offering this title at cost.  Order a copy today.

From the description:

“Be at Leisure: A Lutheran Approach to Outreach” addresses how outreach happens naturally within the congregation. The advice in this book is not so much about changing practices as it is about focusing the faith of the heart on Christ, and teaching minds to think according to how the Scriptures speak. First and foremost, this book is meant to dispel fears about the future of the Church, free minds from the mainstream “Evangelical” outreach pablum that plagues the Church, and set forth a distinctly Lutheran (read “truly Christian”) way of thinking about outreach.

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