Faithful Ministry – Faithful Work Rev Benjamin Ball

Here is the third plenary session from The Bugenhagen Conference.

About Pastor Andrew Packer

Andrew Packer is the pastor, headmaster, and a teacher at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. He graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne with an M.Div. in 2012. He was ordained and installed as the pastor of Our Savior on June 24, 2012. He has been married to Destiny since 2001. God has graciously blessed them with six children so far: Ethan, Abigail, Allison, Olivia, Lucia, and Micah.


Faithful Ministry – Faithful Work Rev Benjamin Ball — 2 Comments

  1. Dear BJS Editors and Pastor Packer,

    Thanks very much for posting these videos from Pastor Petersen, Poppe, and Ball! I look forward to watching them, and anything else you post from the conference. I looked at the list of workshops and other speakers (see ), and it truly was a stellar cast of pastors who have been leaders in their regions and districts. These are guys who have been “in the trenches” for years, and who know from practical experience what works and what doesn’t work, and who still remain true to the Book of Concord and the Holy Scriptures! Great stuff!!!

    I hope that there may be another Bugenhagen Conference, if not annually, but at least on a regular basis. Also the conveners may think about publishing the lectures and workshops, at least all those for which they have text files. They could do this easily in “Print on Demand” or as one or more PDF files. I am sure it would be valuable for all our LCMS pastors, our Lutheran kin (e.g., LCC, WELS, SELK, etc.), and even for laymen concerned about nurturing and supporting the Lutheran faith today!

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  2. I agree. I watched the three videos yesterday and today. Great stuff, indeed. Thanks for posting them and looking forward to future presentations too.

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