Concordia, St. Paul joins in partnership with NALC Seminary

From the website of Concordia, St. Paul’s theology department.


“Announcing a partnership with the North American Lutheran Seminary”

The Department of Theology and Ministry is pleased to announce that on 23 January 2018 Concordia University has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the North American Lutheran Seminary by which students who pursue a Major in Theology at Concordia can get advanced standing at the seminary.  This advanced standing will reduce by up to a full year the amount of time required to earn an M.Div in preparation for pastoral service to the church.

Dr. Amy Schiffrin, president of the seminary, writes, “I look forward to sharing in the goodly work of pastoral formation with you and your colleagues at Concordia-St. Paul.”

For more information on the program, contact the Admission Office at Concordia or Dr. Mark Schuler, chairperson of the Department of Theology and Ministry.


Here is the website for the North American Lutheran Seminary.



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